September 8, 2010

BathTime Diaries: Volume 1 - Lush Dorothy Bubble Bar

I bought this around 6 months ago so the colour's faded a bit.


I love taking borderline hot baths and since the weather's getting cooler, I thought it would be fine to start taking baths again. 

For my first Fall bath, I decided on Lush's Dorothy bubble bar (it smells like one of my fave Lush soaps, Figs and Leaves). As I mentioned, I've had this bubble bar for 6 months and the blue part was originally much more vivid. I was concerned that the product wouldn't produce enough bubbles or the scent wouldn't be as strong because I've had it for a while (not to mention it survived a bit of a heatwave). However, my worries were unnecessary because as you can see in the photo above, there were still plenty of bubbles and it still smelled divine.

The water itself felt so amazingly silky and moisturizing, which I wasn't expecting from a bubble bar. However, you will need to moisturize afterwards as it doesn't actually moisturize your skin. Which is fine, because I think applying body products after a nice bath just prolongs the feeling of being pampered. 

(photo from the Lush Mayfair Staff Blog)

I absolutely adore this body butter. Firstly, I love that it's solid. Secondly, it smells so wonderful (shea butter). It contains "cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut butter, bananas, toning essential oils, almond oils, fresh avocado, and oatmeal;" It's so incredibly moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft and smooth. 

I prefer a slight tackiness in my moisturizers (including face moisturizers) because it makes me feel like it's more moisturizing. I hate when I apply some lotion and it sinks in so fast that I feel like I need to reapply every so often. The fact that it doesn't happen with this body butter at all combined with it's delicious scent (I'm a sucker for vanilla/shea butter scents) makes this product an absolute must-have for me. 

What's your favourite bath and/or body product?

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  1. great pictures of the bubbles. i love lush products! my favorite bubble bar is the comforter.




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