September 11, 2010

Collection Spotlight: Giambattista Valli - Fall 2010

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My second favourite collection out of all those I featured on Collection Spotlight (you'll see my absolute favourite on Tuesday).

I love the 60s silhouettes, the textured embellishments (ribbons? feathers? who knows? who cares?), the sheer fabrics...

That coat in the first set is so utterly gorgeous, I'd probably wear it every single day (that is, if I could afford to own it in the first place). We've all seen nudes in practically every collection this Fall but paired with gray and the 60s silhouette, it's just so much fun (neutrals can be fun, too!) and unique.

I also adore the use of bubblegum pink in the fourth set. If the second photo looks familiar to you, the beautiful Jessica Biel wore it to the MTV Movie Awards this year. The third photo (along with the second) is one of my favourites of the collection; doesn't the skirt remind you of fondant? 

As for the evening dresses (last set), I love the sheerness, the draping, and the unique details (the pieces around the neck, the checkerboard style design). The lapels on the navy blazer are so sexy and i love the way the fabric is ribboned around to cinch the waist, it's absolutely adorable!

Are you a fan of 60s style dresses?

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  1. i love the pastel blue, i've seen it a lot of the spring lines. That pink and white colorblock skirt is amazing! and i love the sheer black dress




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