September 15, 2010

Collection Spotlight: Christian Dior - Fall 2010

(all photos from:

Saving the best for last, the Christian Dior collection is absolute beauty.

Part equestrian, part Mad Hatter, part ethereal, part English countryside, I fell in love the moment I saw the first look. 

And it's not just the clothes I love (seriously, I adore every single photo you see here so much, I can't even articulate it), but the makeup looks absolutely stunning.

Big hair, dark lips, flawless skin, it doesn't sound that interesting. But combined with the beautiful pieces John Galliano created and you've got a runway show that is an absolute spectacle. It's theatrical and it feels like stepping into a fantasyland. 

So, so gorgeous, I can't even stop looking at it!

Hope you're all having a great day! Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of this collection, or just to let me know what you guys have planned for today! And lastly,

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  1. Very different, or is just me? like he has this season's fabrics and styles, but does it in a totally different way. LOVE the gray pants in the 4th set, 2nd photo, and actually.. i just love that whole outfit, but then I have a thing for gray. Lovely! Very beautiful collection, but definitely something a little bit whimsical.

  2. I NEED over-the-knee boots! I have a pair but they're pointy. NICE POST! Gorgeous clothes!

  3. @linnea - i agree with you completely! whimsical is the perfect word to describe it.

    @Miryam - oh i know, i'm desperate for over-the-knee boots too!

  4. Wow. Loving every image and style! Makeup and hair are perfectly styled!

    Victoria Stanell
    Product Editor

  5. If I could Dior would be a staple in my closet! lol I voted for you!

  6. @victoria - i agree, it looks so fabulous!

    @Make-up Junkie - yes, it would be nice to own some Dior, wouldn't it? and thanks so much for voting for me :)



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