September 21, 2010

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick - True Red

So I was looking through my lipsticks a few weeks ago, I realized that I was missing a red lipstick. 

No, I lie. I own Media by MAC (an "intense reddish-purple"), but as the description suggests, it's much too strong for regular use. Well, at least for me, it is.

I decided on getting a drugstore lipstick because I know I won't be rocking a red lip all the time and it didn't make sense for me to spend up to $20 on a product I will hardly use. So I had a few products in mind aside from True Red: Revlon Super Lustrous in Ravish Me Red and Love That Red, Revlon Colorburst in Ruby, Maybelline Color Sensational in Red Revival... But they were either too orange, too deep, or too stinky (Red Revival, if you're wondering :p).

I wanted Dita Von Teese red lips, and the closest I got was True Red.

It's bright, it's amazingly pigmented, it's beautiful, it's everything I wanted in my first red lipstick. I remember reading a review that said this isn't a great red to go for if you're going red for the first time. I have to say, I kind of agree. This lipstick is bright and it certainly makes a statement. If you've never gone red before, you may want to ease yourself into it before picking up this shade.

However, if you don't mind people spotting your lips before the rest of you, go pick this up!

If you take a look at the right side of my lip, right at the top, there's a bit of feathering. As with all bold lipsticks, it's important to apply lip liner first to prevent bleeding. That being said, I love that the top of the Colorburst lipsticks are wide and flat because it allows for precise application; again, a very important aspect of wearing a red lip.

I previously thought the Colorbursts weren't that moisturizing (my lips felt pretty dry an hour after first applying Lilac). Maybe it was that particular batch or maybe my lips were just extra dry that day, but True Red doesn't feel drying at all. I'll have to whip out Lilac again to be sure.

Anyway, I personally can't wait to wear this lipstick out! I may have to pluck up a bit of courage, but I'm sure I can muster up enough :p. I may even wear it during the day and rock a "casual red lip" as Joy from Makeup Junkie likes to call it. I know, I'm a rebel...

What's your fave red lipstick?


  1. Russian Red!:D

    Love this color on you!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. this is gorgeous! i have such small lips that I dont tend to go for anything more than a nude - love the revlon matt lipsticks

  3. @Marie - thanks! i'll take a look at russian red one of these days :)

    @Sugarpuff - ooh, i tried nude attitude but wasn't too happy with it :(. but i think i'll take a look at other shades.

  4. love this color on you!!! <3
    my favorite it Maxfactor's night valley red. Its realllllly dark and more of a blue-red but its really sexy and mysterious. hehehe well at least that's how i feel when i wear it hehehehe

  5. A casual red lip sounds a good idea! At the moment have been trying to rock an everyday orange lip - which at first I thought was abit strange but actually it really lifts my face especially when I don't want to wear to much makeup on my eyes..just abit on primer on my lids and some mascara and liner!

    This red looks really great on you!

    Fee x

  6. @naoise - why, thank you! i agree, dark red is very sexy & mysterious :)

    @Fee - ooh, an everyday orange lip? makes me want to whip out my vegas volt again. it sounds gorgeous!

  7. that lipstick looks great :) My ultimate favorite is Make Up For Ever Blue Red 215. That stuff is soooooooo rich and creamy, lasts for ever, and I get many many compliments on it

  8. @socialitedreams - ooh, that sounds amazing! i'll definitely check that lipstick out one of these days :)

  9. You have the perfect lips for red lipstick. Unfortunately I can't pull it off with mine. It doesn't suit me.



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