September 7, 2010

Collection Spotlight: Emanuel Ungaro - Fall 2010

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I know a lot of people were doubly interested in what the Ungaro Fall line was going to look like after the supposed hot mess that was the Spring line (most of you may have heard of it because of Lindsay Lohan's turn as "artistic adviser"). 

After being panned by critics, I'm sure designer Estrella Archs felt some pressure when creating this line.  However, I think that this collection deserves some praise. The shots of colour and patterns are absolutely fun and I especially love the strapless jumpsuit (perfect for turning heads).

There's your standard menswear pieces we've seen in almost every Fall line: the cropped trousers and blazers/jackets; but of course, pairing them with decidedly feminine pieces keeps it from looking too masculine. 

I'm also absolutely in love with the draping on the sleeves of the emerald green dress (set 4); and paired with those gorgeous pink, open-toed heels? If I may quote the fabulous Galinda, "pink goes good with green!"

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

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