May 2, 2013

Inspired By Leighton Meester on FASHION Magazine

Hello again, lovely ones! I've got another Beauty Panel post for you all. Our challenge this time was to do a look based on a celebrity who inspires us with their red carpet makeup looks. For this challenge, I chose the beautiful Leighton Meester. Here's why:

Try as I might, when I think of Leighton Meester, I can' think of a particular trademark makeup look that she likes to wear; every time she walks the red carpet, she looks different. And that's why I chose her as the celebrity that inspires the way I do my makeup -- she's not afraid to take risks! Take this look that I recreated, for example. Not only has she paired bold lips with bold eyes (something more people discourage), but she's wearing purple eyeshadow, gold eyeliner and red lips! There aren't many celebrities who could pull this look off on the red carpet (as opposed to a fashion shoot), but Leighton has enough confidence to work it.

You guys know me, I like to use colour in the looks I do on the blog (where else can I get away with it? :p). So, of course, I chose one of her boldest red carpet looks. And there's my take on this makeup look Leighton wore to the American Eagle Outfitters flagship store opening in Times Square in 2009.

Love the mix of gold and purple!

Anyway, hope you like this look, friends! Here's a link to the post for a list of products used.

Who's your celebrity makeup inspiration?


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