August 9, 2010

Sleek MakeUP Palette - Sunset & Circus

Two more Sleek MakeUP Palettes = YEY!

For those who don't know, you can purchase these palettes (and other products) at Sleek MakeUP's website. This time around, I bought the Sunset & Circus palette, the latter being a limited edition palette. I didn't want to miss out on this product; I've learned my lesson after the whole Stereo Rose debacle (it still hurts).

Anyway, first up:

As you can see, there are some fantastic colours in this palette. Of course, there's your standard matte black; but there are really vibrant shades as well. This palette has more matte eyeshadows than my other palettes (original & storm. click here for a review on both) and some of them are actually quite sheer. I was taken aback by how sheer they were, to tell you the truth. I was disappointed at first, since I was expecting the vibrancy Sleek palettes are so known for. But I think in order to have a well-rounded collection of shades, you need to have a variety of textures and finishes. 

If I had purchased a MAC eyeshadow for $16.00 CAD that was exactly like the lavender shade (beside the black eyeshadow), I would've wholly disappointed and would probably return it. But since you're purchasing 12 eyeshadows for $10 USD, it's pretty worth it. The sheer shades are nice colours, you just need to put in a little bit more effort (and eyeshadow primer) and you're good to go. Like I said, it's always good to have a variety in your beauty arsenal. Besides, the blue shade right next to the orange is such a stand out colour, it automatically makes this palette a must-have.

By the way, love the bright red packaging!

Another lovely palette from Sleek; but alas, no product is perfect. But let's get to that later.

Firstly, like most Sleek eyeshadows, you've got some very vibrant, well pigmented eyeshadows. There are some amazing shades that fall within the bronze category and they've all got a bit of a metallic sheen. Not glittery, but definitely shimmery. You do experience some slight fall down but what's surprising is how little there is when you consider how soft the texture of these shadows are. 

I do love this palette, but I have one gripe: there are at least 3 eyeshadows that are far too similar in colour to my liking. If you see my previous post, you'll see that I swatched the same 3 colours at least 4 times. What happened was, I kept forgetting which shade I was going to use and I didn't want to end up ruining the look I was going for by picking the wrong shade (I can be very particular). Also, the orange shade is gorgeous, but stubborn. You'll need to wash your brush thoroughly to get every last bit of pigment out. I suggest not using a brush with white bristles if you're like me and don't want your brushes to get permanently stained.

Aside from that, this palette is fantastic!  

Of course, the moment I got these in the mail (fast shipping, by the way. I'm impressed, Sleek) I started playing around with them.



Hope you like and happy Monday, everybody!


  1. wow those colors are amazing! i love the look you did with the Circus palette
    i sent you an email yesterday, did you get it?

  2. Wow, the swatches of Circus don't look half as good as your look with it! Maybe the softness of the colours is actually what makes the look work? :)

  3. I love the Circus palette. So many bright colors. But I can never pull them off. So I prefer the second palette choice.


  4. that gold color is gorgeous!

  5. @Under the Fluorescents - they're quite unique, aren't they?

    @Pinch - Yeah, it's hard not to feel disappointed when looking at swatches but once you work them into a look, you end up liking them!

    @Jackie - Yeah, brights are hard to make wearable. But for specific looks, it's great!

    @Jade - Not sure which colour you're talking about exactly, but they're all gorgeous, so i'll agree!

    @3ate4 - Why, thank you!

  6. I love the looks you created with the palettes

  7. ahh lovely post!
    ive blogged about the sunset palette, gonna be posting a makeup look today, have a check if you can!:




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