August 5, 2010

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick - Review

Was anybody else super excited when info about Revlon Colorburst Lipstick came out? 

I was at first, but it was a while before they were actually released in Canada and I must admit, I forgot about it for a while. So imagine my surprise when I saw them displayed in London Drugs about a month ago! I may or may not have squealed out loud and since no one can verify this as fact...

Truthfully, I was a bit disappointed with the shade selection. There were far too many colours that are similar to each other and some shades, well... I just wasn't excited about them. However, I did pick up two colours that I was very happy with: Fuschia and Lilac (which is a tad dark to be truly called "lilac," I think).

The packaging is pretty cute. It doesn't feel very sturdy because it feels very much like plastic, but the quilting design is quite chic. Also, as you can see from the photo above, the shade of the lipstick is shown on the top of the tube and believe it or not, it's very accurate. You know how you see swatches on a website or on the display and make your purchase based off of that only to find the shade of the product itself is way, way off? Yeah, you're not getting that with this lipstick. Call me lame, but I think that's exciting!

The pigmentation is pretty amazing. I remember doing an 80s competitive piece a year ago and was looking around for a bright pink lipstick (a cheap one, since I wasn't going to wear it often) and couldn't find any. You came a year too late, Colorburst. But it's ok, I still like you.

One thing to note though is that although this lipstick feels creamy when applied, it can actually be a bit drying. So applying lip balm first or layering lip gloss after would be a good idea. Staying power is pretty good. I was able to wear it for at least 4 hours without much fading, but that's without eating or drinking. I don't know if that will be an issue for others; it isn't for me, since re-applying lipstick is easy enough to do.

All in all, a pretty great product and I recommend it if you want an inexpensive lipstick that is wonderfully pigmented and wears well. I still have my eye on a few shades, namely: carnation, soft nude, peach, ruby, and true red. I'll be sure to swatch those for you when I have them.

Have you tried Colorburst Lipsticks?
Like it? Love it?


  1. Sadly, we don't get Revlon here, because the packaging is beautiful and the colours too. Enjoy them! :)

  2. @Pinch - that's too bad! where are you from?

  3. I bought the Fushia a while back.. and i love it.. love the color completely.. I learned fast you have to be careful when putting it on though or it will be all over your face haha!

    Just found your blog and love it, Now following! Giveaway on mine at the moment, check it out :)


  4. Love the pink! Barry M does one that looks very similar.

    any comments on my new blog much appreciated :)

  5. The first one looks so much like one of my fave MAC lipstick: Girl About Town!:D

    Thanks for the review and swatches!:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  6. @Jessie - it's a great colour, isn't it? so bright!

    @Alexandra - oh, i wish barry m was sold in canada! i've heard such great things about that brand.

  7. @Marie - does it, really? i've been thinking of buying that, but maybe i won't now :p. ah, who am i kidding? of course i will! :p



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