August 11, 2010

Beautifully Designed Products

Clinique Fresh Picked Eyeshadow 

Dolce & Gabbana The Sicilian Lace Bronzer

Guerlain Blush Eclat, LE Four-Colour Ombre Eclat, & Jeu D'Ombrelles Eyeshadow Palette

Lancome La Rose Deco

Clinique Fresh Bloom & Fresh Picked All Over Colour

How beautiful are these products? I especially love the ones from Guerlain. However, if I do buy products like these, I'd feel bad for using them and probably just end up staring at them. 

I think I'd eventually crack and take a swipe though. Makeup is meant to be used after all! So I want to know:

Would you hesitate to use such beautiful products?
would you use it immediately?


  1. They are gorgeous! i'd save mine for life♥

  2. I do use products like these immediately!:D I enjoy by using.:D
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  3. wow those are all so pretty! my favorite is the Jeu D'Ombrelles Eyeshadow Palette :)



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