August 17, 2010

All About Eyes - Sunset

Products Used:
MAC Eyeshadow - Shale
MAC Eyeshadow - Paradisco
Sleek Palette (Storm) - Shimmery Maroon & Matte Black colour
Cover Girl Volume Exact Mascara

This look came about because I wanted to incorporate eyeshadows that I barely use into a look, namely Shale and Paradisco (both by MAC). Actually, in Paradisco's case, I've never used it at all. It came in MAC's Lucky Tom palette from the Hello Kitty collection, which was kind of a waste of money, but I digress.

Anyway, this look is very simple. I started off by filling in my brows with a standard matte black eyeshadow. My brows are full enough that I don't need to fill them in on a daily basis but for this look, I wanted them to be a bit darker. Then, I swept Shale all over the lid up to the crease then used Paradisco to blend the edges all the way past the brow bone, making sure to blend into the inner corner as well. The maroon shade in Sleek's Storm palette was then applied to the outer corner and down to the lower lash line. I topped it off with mascara and the look was done!

I'm really sorry I can't be more informative than just telling you all which colour to put where. All my looks are kind of straightforward really and the most important thing, I think, is to know how to blend your eyeshadows. Anyway, hope you guys liked it!

Also, I want to say a big "HELLO" to all you lovelies following my blog. I can't believe I'm almost at 50  in just over a month of Call It Beauty's existence! Also, thanks to everyone who's commented, I really appreciate it! 

Have an awesome Wednesday!


  1. Interesting color combination, I've never used this on myself.:D Thanks for posting, must try.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. very nice!

    how do you do your brows? they're amazing! do you get them waxed/threaded?


  3. What a beautiful combination! :) I absolutely love it :)

  4. Love this! will have to try it myself :)

  5. @Marie - yeah, i never would've used it before either but i'm trying to be more adventurous in colour choices :)

    @Roxy - why, thank you! i've actually been plucking my own eyebrows ever since i was allowed to :p

    @Pinch - thanks so much!

    @3ate4 - thank you! if you do try it out, share it with us!

  6. Paridisco is such a pretty color! I love MAC even though I only have like one eyeshadow, their colors are great!



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