August 3, 2010

Collection Spotlight: Marc Jacobs - Fall 2010

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If I could give this collection a title, it would be: Romance in the English Countryside.

Who cares if it's corny? It's pretty accurate, no? 

Marc Jacobs said, "it's refreshing to see something that isn't trying so hard to be new." I quite agree with this statement. There's nothing ground breaking about this collection; but in its simplicity, I see comfort. And I think that's what will make women reach for these items. 

Yes, it's nice to be a vixen. Yes, it's nice to feel sexy. But sometimes you just want to be feminine without too many accoutrements and that's what you get with Marc Jacobs' Fall line.

Are you a fan of Marc Jacobs?


  1. theres so much denim color i'm surprised! i love that silver dress in the fourth set it would be perfect for prom. I also love the innocence of the third set. gotta love Marc Jacobs!

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  2. @Under the Fluorescents - I agree, the 3rd set is my favourite :)



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