August 8, 2010

Makeup Funtimes

What happens when you play around with makeup and realize you have nowhere left to swatch? Well, you find the closest piece of real estate and have at it. 

Note To Self:
Make sure you clean up before going out of the house!

How's everyone's Sunday going?


  1. haha I've done this down my leg before too :)
    By the way, I saw you in that feature on Temptalia, how cool, you looked so pretty!

  2. I would never think to move on down to my leg! I usually use both hands and all the way up my arms.
    My Sunday has been pretty chill. I just posted a look inspired by Jessica Alba! Check it out, i'd love to hear you feedback :)
    i'm a big fan of your blog

  3. LOL I've done that before.


  4. @Jennifer - Thanks so much! I was hesitant at first; but I figured, what the heck?

    @Under the Fluorescents - You should try it out sometime ;)

    @Roxy - Good to know I'm not alone in this!



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