August 19, 2010

Collection Spotlight: Vera Wang - Fall 2010

(all photos from:

I have to say that I was a bit surprised with this collection as I don't normally associate "slouchy" with Vera Wang.

That being said, I do adore the fact that everything looks a bit sloppy but put together. Does that even make sense? Sloppy and put together? 

The detailing on the dresses are gorgeous, I love the slouchy trousers, the outerwear is absolutely chic, and I am in lust over those necklaces and elbow-length gloves!

If you could choose, which of these outfits would you wear
where would you wear it to?


  1. OMG.
    Top row: two middle photos. Love.
    2nd photo: basically the whole thing.
    3rd photo: LOVE the "stockings" look! And the jacket.

  2. I'd pick the last one!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. i really enjoy the "sloppiness" but it is not Vera Wang at all, but hey i'm not complaining!

  4. i love the top row..first photo.



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