August 4, 2010

Neutrogena UltraSheer Water-Light Daily Face Sunscreen - Review

As much as I like to think about fall and cooler weather, summer is still upon us. Which means sun protection is still foremost in my mind. Admittedly, I tend to slack a bit with applying sunscreen during the winter months (kind of hard to think about sun protection when you barely see the sun), but I am making an effort to change that. 

I was previously using Clinique's Super City Block, which was fine when my skin wasn't so sensitive, but now it just feels like too much. So I was looking for something that felt lighter on the skin. Enter, Neutrogena's new UltraSheer Water-Light Sunscreen.

The biggest draw for me when I first read about this product online was that it was a nice, weightless formula. My skin is dry so I need moisturizer and I'm not leaving home without base on, add to that primer & sunscreen and that's 4 layers of slap! Four! I was so not having it.

But when I saw the actual product and read that it "works beautifully under make-up," I got really excited. Does this mean I can skip primer? Well, in a word: YES. 

This sunscreen goes on so smoothly and if you've got oily skin, I think you might not even need moisturizer under this (or at least just a teeny tiny bit). It applies fairly matte (unlike Clinique's Super City Block) and leaves skin feeling so smooth.

But the best part is: not only are you getting sun protection, but you're also priming your skin for makeup. My foundation applies just as well as I do when using L'oréal's Magic Base; my foundation is more even and I get better coverage when using this product than when I use moisturizer and foundation alone. 

I am so glad I heard about this product! It does double duty as a sunscreen and primer; plus with a price of $14.99, you really can't go wrong with it. I'm still using my L'oréal Magic Base, but only when I'm re-doing my makeup for nighttime or for performances. That being said, both products are definitely recommended!

What's your favourite sun care product?


  1. Ooh great review! Thanks for reviewing this! It's so hard to find a sunscreen that actually works under makeup and isn't too oily (a lot of them tend to leave that sheen on my face after awhile). I so need to check this out! Any idea what the ingredients are in this thing? :)

  2. @Musicalhouses - thanks! i'm not quite sure what the ingredients are since i threw away the cardboard it came in and it doesn't state them on the bottle itself. sorry i'm no help :(

  3. I've got tons, I still don't know which one is my favorite!:D

    This product sounds interesting, thanks for reviewing this!:D
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