August 26, 2010

Collection Spotlight: Emporio Armani - Fall 2010

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Firstly, big thanks to all the lovelies who follow my blog and especially those who leave such nice comments. It means so much to me that you guys do because it really helps make me feel like there are actually people out there reading this. Again, thank you!

Anyway, apparently the show's title was "Uptown Girl." Appropriate, no?

I absolutely love the neutral colours, the trousers (what else is new?), the rose detailing, the flowy fabrics, those architectural necklaces, and the shots of pumpkin/orange interspersed throughout. I mean, seriously? The pumpkin/orange shoes in set 4? I want both styles (now, please).

Overall, I feel this collection is a bit beyond my 24 years. But I just loved the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine (a traditional masculine-shaped trouser but in a soft, flowy fabric), the detailing found in almost every piece; and, of course, the shoes and accessories, which are my favourite items to own. Why? Because when your weight fluctuates or you're experiencing some water retention and your clothes don't quite fit right, accessories always will. Accessories (almost) always fit right.

Personally, my Accessory Philosophy is: plain(er) clothes + fab shoes/accessories. Of course, I deviate from this (can't resist a gorgeous print, can I?). But for the most part, I leave the flash to the smaller pieces.

What's your Accessory Philosophy


  1. I have to agree with you here-- wearing simpler clothing and jazzing it up a bit with accessories makes your look cleaner!

  2. i love the pants!



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