July 26, 2010

Style Crush - Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard isn't a celebrity, she's a movie star. But not today's movie star, oh no. She's an "old hollywood movie star." Back when movie stars had to be talented. She's undeniably beautiful, incredibly intelligent, astoundingly talented and OMG, can I be like her when I grow up?!

Marion is all about glamour to me (even when she's wearing a black, glittery pantsuit). She always looks polished and isn't afraid to take risks. I mean, she wore these shoes for goodness sake!

I can't get over this lady. Why is she so awesome?!


  1. She is pretty amazing... she always looks so good!
    She has a wonderful sense of style and like you say - I would love to grow up and be like her!

    But I doubt this will happen, as at the age of 22 I think I have pretty much grown up - shame!

  2. @Fee - don't lose hope! she's in her mid-30's and we're only in our early 20's, there's still time :p



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