July 16, 2010

Link Love - 7/16/10

Marie at All Things Marie reviews Eat, Pray, Love. Now I want to not only read the book, but go on a self exploration journey the character takes in the book and meet a handsome man.

Sandra at 15 steps, then a beauty blog talks about giving products second chances. Unfortunately, I have never been glad to give a product a second chance, but she has! Check out which product she's talking about.

Muhsine at BUBBLEGARM wrote an in-depth post about Skin and Skincare. It's really informative, so definitely check it out!

Beauty and the Blog turns 1 year old this week! Happy birthday, bloggy! And who knew dry body brushing would have such awesome benefits? (NTS: pick up a body brush!)

Lisamarie at Beauty Crazed loves the L'oréal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base! (NTS: pick up one of these too!)

Sasha at Everything Fabulous continues to make me want things I can't have (not yet, anyway :p) with this post about an absolutely beautiful dressing room.

Charlotte at Lipglossiping shares swatches of The Body Shop's Bakes To Last Blushers. Which is great because I really need more blushers. *note sarcasm*

Christine at Temptalia gives an Eyeshadow Brush 101 lesson and makes brand recommendations for each brush. 

Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog is giving away one Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow in Denim. Open to US and International readers. 

Fee at Makeup Savvy shows off her Artistic Skillz with fashion inspired nail designs! I'd try them out, but then I'd use up my patience ration for the week.

The Shades Of U is giving away some products from MAC's In The Groove collection. Check it out for your chance to win!

Ashlina at The Decorista kills me once again with posts about gorgeous pink furniture and stunning dining rooms.

Today I'm off to Vancouver, Washington with my family to spend the day celebrating my brother's birthday! So happy birthday to him! Then tomorrow it's back up to Vancouver, BC so I can sing at my church on Sunday. Fun times.

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Oooh you're kind of close to my hood:-) (Seattle). Have fun! This weekend: painting my new office!!! Fishing, crafts, softball, kayaking, and happy hour date night woo hoo!

    Have a good one:-)

  2. @Tamara yeah, we definitely passed by your hood :). you're doing all of that? sounds like fun! especially the kayaking part. have fun!



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