July 8, 2010

Have Luggage, Will Travel

I've always wanted to travel. My dad says that's because I've got a mole on the bottom of my foot, but that's just Asian superstitions for you. But hey, if there's an inkling of truth to that statement, then I'm claiming it! 

I currently use a massive, bright yellow suitcase; and while I know I'll pretty much never pick up someone else's suitcase or be unable to pinpoint which is mine, Bumblebee (yes, I call my suitcase Bumblebee) really isn't very stylish.

So, my wish? To own one of these lovely luggage pieces... Or two... Or three... Well, why not? Go big or go home, as I always say!

clockwise from top left:
Hermes vintage canvas & leather suitcase, Globetrotter - Centenary collection,
 Louis Vuitton Alzer, Globetrotter - Cruise collection

Aren't they just gorgeous?

I'm in love with hardside luggage at the moment. It just screams glamour and makes me think of traveling on a ship, waving goodbye to loved ones from the deck. 

And once you've returned and unpacked, there's no need to shove them back into a closet. Stack them up and you've got fantastic decorative pieces for your home.

And while we're on the subject of Wishful Thinking, I'd also love to purchase a vintage LV trunk for my future living room:

One day, Dani... One day...


  1. Those are gorgeous. I want them all xx

  2. Hm, you know that mole on the foot thing might be true ;) I have a mole on the side of my right foot - and I lurveee traveling.

    The luggage are cool but I don't have the heart to buy expensive luggage because they get thrown around and treated pretty badly on flights :( So I buy the most durable, tough looking luggage to withstand the torture :)

  3. @Ansa you and me both! x

    @Fieran yeah, it's a bit of an issue, isn't it? i VERY first time i used bumblebee, he had big black scratches on him! maybe i'll just use them for decor ;) x



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