January 29, 2011

BathTime Diaries: Lush - Waving Not Drowning Bath Bomb

Waving Not Drowning is said to be "good for insomnia," because of its sleep inducing ingredients. Namely: lavender, ylang ylang, cardamom, and fennel.

Personally, my insomnia is a bit more severe than what a bath bomb can help with, but I can't deny that the bath itself was pleasurable. It smells wonderful and you can really feel the essential oils on your skin when you dip in.

Like Lush's other bath bombs, this doesn't give you much bubbling action (if any), so if that's what you want, this bath bomb is definitely not for you. Instead, try out their bubble bars, which are also fab!

I purchased Waving Not Drowning because I wanted to try it out, though I can't say I'll re-purchase it again. Although I just might so I can "cocktail" it with Lush's A French Kiss bubble bar (which also contains lavender) to see what kind of experience that will be.

Do you cocktail your bath products, 
or do you use them one at a time?

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