January 10, 2011

Lush Skincare: Buche de Noel Cleanser & Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask - Review

When I first heard about Lush's Christmas products, I was immediately drawn to Bûche de Noel. It contains fresh satsumas & brandy ("to stimulate and tone the surface of the skin"), kaolin ("to cleanse pores"), and almonds (for gentle exfoliation). Sounds great, no?

The scent can take a little getting used to, I admit; it's a little pungent, at least to me. Which is why I was kind of on the fence about it upon first purchase. But, I'm happy to say that once you actually use it, the scent is less strong. 

It looks and feels a lot like Angels on Bare Skin except it's not as scrubby. But unlike AoBS, which is pretty moisturizing, this cleanser can be pretty drying. I have normal to dry skin, but since the weather has gotten colder, it's definitely become drier; this cleanser kind of heightens that. However, I found that using a cleansing milk (particularly the Cucumber Cleansing Milk from The Body Shop) to turn it into a paste instead of plain ol' water really helps it to be less stripping. 

I love how my skin looks and feels after using Bûche de Noel: soft, smooth, and with a more even skin tone. Its also made my skin clear up just a tad, which is always a bonus!

I purchased Catastrophe Cosmetic because I wanted to try a mask that would perhaps banish the last few stubborn blemishes I have hanging around. This mask smells very much like berries and despite my aversion to ingesting them, I find the scent quite pleasant.

Castastrophe Cosmetic is... Interesting, to say the least. It made my skin feel incredibly soft and smooth, but it also mattified it considerably. It didn't look dull at all, just... Matte. And although there was some sort of soft focus effect on my skin, the slightly chalky feel of my skin after using this product wasn't really something I enjoyed.

All in all, not a bad mask. I just didn't find that it did anything for me or my blemishes. The matte, chalky finish it left me with was a bit of a turn off as well. I do have to say that trial and error is so easy with Lush masks because they are quite cheap (around $5+ with tax) and they have many different formulas to choose from. So if you're looking for an inexpensive mask with natural ingredients, why not try them out?

What's your favourite cleanser and face mask?

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