January 4, 2011

Call It Beauty's New Year's Beauty Resolutions

I'm going to be honest here, I'm usually not one for resolutions. I'm one of those people who feels that if there is something about me that needs to change, I can change it now and not wait til the New Year. I still feel that way, in fact. However, for my beauty resolutions, I didn't actually start thinking about what I needed to change until the very end of the year. And there's just something about making a fresh start in a fresh year, no? Here are my beauty resolutions:

1. Eat Healthier
(photo from Woman's Day)

Definitely the most important of all my resolutions. I'm the kind of person who gives in to cravings a lot and while I don't believe in depriving oneself, I need to start eating in moderation. That means not eating McDonald's 5 days in a row coz I was craving it *shudder*.

2. Stick To Better Sleeping Schedule
(photo from OnSugar)

Who sleeps at 2 in the morning? *raises hand*

Needless to say, this is not healthy and needs to be stopped. I have been getting much better, but I'd like to sleep before midnight. It ties in to eating healthily, too. For example, sleeping at 2 (sometimes even 3) am means I get hungry around 1 am. That's not a good time to be eating anything, much less carbs (a.k.a. my absolute weakness). 

3. Drink More Water
(photo from Fitness Lines)

I am so bad at this! 

We all know the benefits of drinking enough/more water so I won't get into that and this all ties into being healthier overall.

4. Take Better Care Of My Nails & Cuticles
(photo from Become Gorgeous)

My nails are currently very thin, easily broken, and ridged like there's no tomorrow.

I'm currently still researching for other ways to keep my nails strong, but I am happy to say that my cuticles are looking very much improved, thanks to a lovely product that I'll blog about soon :).

5. Stick To Natural Skincare
(photo from Sephora)

Ever since my skin suffered a meltdown, I've been more conscious of what skincare product I use. I've been using more natural products (some are even all natural) for a few months and my skin has been all the better for it. I think sticking to this resolution will really make a different in my skin.

6. Get Better Lighting
(photo from Grassroots Modern)

This is more of a goal than a resolution, I suppose, considering I won't have to keep it up once I've actually gotten good lighting. But I still wanted to share it because I wanted to hold myself accountable. I live in a place with seasons, that means we don't get a lot of good light for very long. But sometimes I'm not able to photograph anything (i.e. looks, products, swatches, etc) until night time and the photo quality really suffers. My goal is to get better lighting so I'm not subject to the sun's whims :p.

7. Be More Adventurous With Lip Products

I've got a small shelf chock full of different lipsticks and lip glosses but I only ever use a handful. Granted, I don't like some of them so I'll probably end up giving them away, but I still have a lot of very pretty shades that don't get use. This year, I want to give them all the attention they deserve and be more adventurous!

8. Take More Baths 

My current bathtub is both too shallow and too long. That means I get a horrible neck cramp, which pretty much defeats the purpose of a relaxing bath, doesn't it?

But, I'm excited to say that the new house we'll be moving into has a nice, deep tub that's not too long. I'll finally be able to take baths without being uncomfortable! So this year, I vow to do more relaxing and  pamper myself more (because I don't do it enough, trust!).

What are your beauty resolutions?

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