January 24, 2011

Josie Maran's 100% Organic Argan Oil Is Like Magic In A Bottle

I've always been intrigued by Josie Maran's Argan Oil ever since her brand debuted in Sephora. But, like a lot of people, the word "oil" makes me want to run for the hills (even though I have dry skin). It makes me think of grease, PAM, and that slippy-slide feeling when you walk by the kitchens of a restaurant, fast food or otherwise.

But I tried some out on the back of my hand when I was in Sephora and was pleasantly surprised that it truly did sink in quickly and didn't leave any oily residue behind. So on Boxing Day, I decided to try out the travel size bottle...

... Which I spilled on my carpet within a week of owning the damn thing. There goes half the bottle! So, with a quarter of the product still left, I decided to use the last of my gift card to purchase a full sized bottle.

If you're big on green and sustainable products, then definitely check this out. The Josie Maran brand is all about "luxury with a conscience" and I think it's absolutely fantastic that a natural skincare and makeup line is made so readily available to the public.

Although it's got multiple uses, I've only been using it as a facial moisturizer and occasionally, as a finishing treatment for my hair. It does wonders for both. A little bit definitely goes a long way, so if the $48 USD / $58 CAD price tag bothers you, know that a regular sized bottle will last you a long time. 

It's 100% organic, which you will notice in the ingredients list. Yes, you're reading that right. This product has only 1 ingredient. Which means you're getting the purest form of this oil. 

  • It's lightweight and absorbs quickly, leaving your skin moisturized well and never oily.
  • You only need 1-3 drops to cover your face and neck.
  • It's completely natural.
  • It's fairly odourless. Sometimes you get a whiff of something I can't really place, but it's definitely not offensive.
  • Gentle enough on the eye area.

  • The stopper is great for dispensing the right amount of product but the fact that it doesn't have a pump makes it difficult for people like me who are clumsy. I've already dropped the travel size and I'm so scared I'll drop the regular size bottle. That's a lot of product to lose! In the future, I think the people over at Josie Maran should consider putting a pump on their smaller bottles and not just the jumbo size.                                                                                                                                        

I have to say, I'm absolutely loving this product! My skin has been extra radiant after I started using it a little under a month ago and it's been softer and smoother as well. I've also noticed a slight evening out of my skintone. I have darker skin around my mouth and it's looking a bit lighter as of late. 

I find that it applies easier when I moisten my face a little bit first with some toner (Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner). So after I've applied whatever blemish treatment I'm using, I spritz my face just a little bit with toner, and apply 1-3 drops of this argan oil and smooth it all over my face and neck. It feels gorgeous on the skin and keeps it hydrated.

I love using it around my eye area, as well. It's quite gentle and it doesn't irritate my eyes at all. It moisturizes my under eye area (which is pretty dry) so well and actually makes my Studio Finish concealer apply creamy; something that no other eye cream has been able to do. It moisturizes so well but leaves no sticky residue on the skin, unlike Philosophy's Hope in a Tube. I love that it's so multi-tasking, which means I don't have to spend even more money on an eye cream. 

I've also applied this to the ends of my hair just to get rid of some frizz. Imagine my surprise when I found it perfectly smooth but not oily at all! It works better than any of the finishing creams and serums I've tried. And as soon as we've moved into the new house, I'll definitely be trying some of this oil in the bath as well.

I just adore this moisturizer and I recommend that you at least try the travel size. It's got multiple uses, a natural ingredient, it's sustainable, and it works wonderfully. It's been absolutely fantastic for me and I can't wait to try more of Josie Maran's products!

Do you use any oils in your skincare routine?

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