January 27, 2011

The Lap of LUUUXury

A few weeks into blogging, I discovered LUUUX through a friend's blog. Like most people, I was a bit skeptical at first. The premise of LUUUX is that you blog and earn points which you can redeem in their online shop. "Well, they probably don't have good products in their online shop," I said. Lo and behold, this is what I saw:

I couldn't believe my eyes, to be honest. Their online shop is full of amazing items which I'm sure is on a lot of peoples wishlists. Signing up is free and all you have to do to see your LUUUX$ increase is write posts that coincide with LUUUX's mission of "new, exciting, & trendy content." Each post earns you 7 LUUUX$ with bonus $ if you add shop-links and each comment posted by you or another member earns 1. 

For those of you who are still skeptical, let me just tell you that I have seen photos on Twitter of LUUUX members who have indeed redeemed their LUUUX$ and received their products. This website is legitimate and if you persevere with your posts, you can be the owner of one of the fabulous products in the photo above. 

There are 8 different LUUUX universe's (Fashion, Technology, Beauty, Design, Sports & Fitness, Entertainment, Places, Food) where you can earn points and one (Community) where you can post entries that don't fall under the "new, exciting & trendy content" motto. This Universe does not award points, however; entries such as tag's and any other personal content will fall under this Universe. 

Aside from the awesome premise of this site, I have to say I'm really impressed with the staff at LUUUX. A few months ago, there was an large influx of new members and unfortunately, this included a few "bad apples" so to speak. A lot of people abused their privileges which caused the points system to be reduced dramatically. It was a nuisance, to be sure. But LUUUX employed new moderators to clean up the site and through their diligence in deleting/moving posts and educating members on how the site is supposed to work, the points system has gone back up again. 

My only gripe with the site is the commenting section. They've installed a captcha system which is good for discouraging spam, but it glitches quite a bit. Sometimes I'll need to post a comment multiple times before it actually appears on the site. I also have trouble posting entries once in a while when the photo uploaded glitches and will take forever to upload one photo. 

Aside from that, I don't have any problems with the website. If you want a fun way to earn points, points that you can redeem for amazing luxury items, then it's definitely worth it to check LUUUX out. 

Some tips on making your LUUUX experience the best it can be:
  • Don't ever plagiarize. You may feel tempted to take the easy way out by copying other people's work. But rest assured, the moderators and other members will find out and your account will be deleted.
  • Post good content. The better the content, the more advertisers will want to be involved. That means a better points system and great products in the online store.
  • Be patient. Unless you're a "guru" with a huge following or an extremely lucky person, you probably won't be redeeming your points for that iPad or the the Louis Vuitton tote anytime soon. But if you persevere with your posting, you will definitely get there!

Check out LUUUX now!

*disclaimer: I was contacted by LUUUX to write this review, although I am not being compensated. I wrote this review because I enjoy the site.

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