December 12, 2011

Celebrate The Season of Giving With MAC Dazzlesphere Mini Gloss Kit In Coral

I'm gonna be honest. I totally purchased this set for myself.

But that's not the point! The point is that this Mini Gloss Kit would make an amazing Christmas gift.

Even if you're just giving yourself a gift.

Anyway, the Dazzlesphere collection by MAC is a great way to try out multiple products for a more inexpensive price. I purchased this set of 4 mini lip glosses for $38.50 CAD and they don't cheat you with the amount of product either, because at 0.07 oz. for the Cremesheen's and 0.09 oz. for the Dazzleglasses, you're getting a good amount of gloss action. This is an awesome deal if, like me, you're not that into glosses in general and tend to never finish one up.

First of all, I love the packaging. The clear globe is adorable and looks just like an ornament, though you'd need some heavy duty fasteners to get this attached to a tree, it's pretty heavy! The individual glosses are also encased in plastic tubes that are thicker than your typical MAC Lipglass packaging.

What I definitely do not like is the Dazzleglass' applicators because it tends to do that up there ^^. I prefer doe foot applicators because not only do I feel like I have more control, but I can also cover more surface area with it. You guys have seen my lips, there's quite a bit of area to cover :p. Brushes just take too long. 

Also, can we talk about how difficult it is to remove Dazzleglasses? Goodness, this stuff is thick! I definitely prefer how Cremesheen Glasses feel on the lips, but again, Dazzleglasses are amazing layered on top of other lip products.

This Coral set comes with 4 different shades: Phiff! ("sheer yellow peach), On the Scene ("light coral beige"), Eurobeat ("peach coral with gold pearl") and Richer, Lusher ("peach coral").

Phiff! is perfect for layering because it doesn't add any noticeable colour. On the Scene is a lovely nude shade that would be better used layered on top of lipstick because it settles into lines a lot. Eurobeat is absolutely gorgeous, this shade alone makes the whole set worth it. Richer, Lusher is very much an MLBB shade for me; lovely, natural and is a softer alternative to my usual MLBB lipsticks.


Phiff! - close up

On the Scene


Eurobeat - close up

Richer, Lusher

Pretty, no? 

My favourites are definitely Eurobeat and Richer, Lusher. In fact, despite not being much of a gloss lady, I intend to wear Richer, Lusher often. I think I shall reserve Dazzleglasses for special occasions and performances, though :p. It's just not as comfortable to wear as I would like.

What are you favourite lipglosses?

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