January 3, 2011

Monthly Favourites - December 2010

January 2011... How time flies!

I was contemplating not posting a December faves after posting my Best of 2010, but I decided, why not? So without further ado, here goes the list!

1. Lush - Sympathy For The Skin Body Lotion

I think I've talked about this product enough that I don't need to get into it anymore; after all, I've already posted about it 3 times, this being the fourth (sheesh! Enough already, woman!). I can't help it though, I love it that much!

2. Revlon - ColorStay Foundation 

I've heard so many people rave about this product and it wasn't until recently that I finally tried it. Well, I have to say that I now understand why. It gives great coverage (I'd say medium/buildable, but definitely not full), it blends easily, has a gorgeous, slightly dewy finish, and has great staying power (especially for a product that hasn't made such claims). I don't normally wear liquid foundation unless it's a special occasion or a performance, but since it's a drugstore product and therefore, fairly inexpensive, I have no qualms about using it on a daily basis... Which I did, pretty much...

3. Chanel - Rouge Coco Lipstick 

I've been trying to use my lip products more, which means I rediscover products that I own but haven't been using. It's a fairly long list, and Mademoiselle is on it. Not sure why though, since it's such a gorgeous colour! It's one of those "shape-shifter" colours, as I like to call it; it will look different on different women (depending on their skin tone). 

Par example, here you see the beautiful Vanessa Paradis wearing Mademoiselle:

Now here's a photo of my (rather large) lips, wearing the exact same shade:

You will notice that Ms. Paradis' lips look more berry-like (which is the colour I would rather have, to be honest) and my lips have a bit more coral/orange tones in them. That said, I do notice around 15 minutes after application, that the lipstick becomes pinker.

I've taken to wearing this with a simple eye (naked lunch all over the lid, maybe some contouring on the crease, and multiple coats of mascara) and MAC's Pinch O' Peach blush for a pretty, every day look.

4. Estée Lauder - Daywear Plus Creme

I've already talked about this, too, so I won't extol its virtues for much longer. Let me just say that the cold weather combined with using my heater (in the house & the car) so much this past month, this moisturizer was truly a Godsend!

5. Revlon Colorburst & MAC Lipsticks

I've grouped these two lipsticks together because I've been using them together this past month. True Red was too "fire engine red" and Media was too "vampy red;" both are gorgeous in their own right, but neither suited my needs. So, I experimented and came up with the most flattering red for me:

So in December, I would apply Media like a stain, then layer True Red on top. The result? A gorgeous red that suits my skin tone. It's a chore and it didn't last very long (I suppose the formulas weren't sitting well with each other, the poor things), but I would still diligently do my applications... It was worth it, I think :).

Now I just need to find a lipstick that's exactly this shade. Any rec's, lovelies?

6. MAC - Quarry Eyeshadow

I was quite happy with MAC's Harmony blush or Physician's Formula's Bamboo Silk Powder for contouring purposes but both were too bronzey for me in the colder, winter months. A lovely MAC SA suggested using an eyeshadow; Quarry to be exact. It worked and I fell in love. 

I use it for all my contouring purposes: on the cheekbones, jaw bone & also on the eye. Here it is at work on a look I learned from the lovely Sam of Pixiwoo:

Holy Yellow, Batman! I definitely need better lighting. Having to rush all my photographing so I can use sunlight is a real drag. Any recommendations for which kind of bulbs I should use? 

7. Tarte - Lights, Camera, Splashes! Mascara

I really love how my lashes look when using this mascara. I'm definitely not blessed with length or volume; but when I use Lights, Camera, Splashes!, I can actually get away with not wearing eyeliner (which was something I did quite often in December). And how cute is the packaging? I love it!

8. Lush - Bûche De Noel Cleanser

At first this cleanser was a tad drying for me, but I discovered that using a cleansing milk to turn it into a paste (as opposed to using water) really kept it from drying my skin out. It's much like Lush's Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, which I also love; Buche de Noel is just not as moisturizing.

After using this cleanser, my face feels fresh & clean and looks smooth and even-toned. If you missed out on this product, definitely try Angels on Bare Skin. Both are truly lovely!

What are your December Faves?
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