July 2, 2011

Monthly Favourites - June 2011

We are officially half way through 2011. I know time flies, but doing these monthly favourites posts seriously makes it so much more apparent. Before I start, I just wanted to extend a big HELLO! to all of Call It Beauty's newest subscribers and a big THANK YOU! to everyone who reads and comments on my posts... I've been really struggling with blogging these last 2 months because I've started a rather demanding job and a bunch of performances have popped up; I was having difficulty finding the time blog.

That said, I've bought a whole whack of beauty products recently so expect I expect to have a lot to write about in the coming weeks =).

Anyway, without further ado, here are my favourites from June 2011...

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder & EcoTools Bamboo Blush Brush

Vancouver felt some pretty high temperatures during June and working long days (6-8 hours of which were spent in an AC-less office, I might add) just made me feel like my makeup was melting off. So I started using my trusty Laura Mercier Mineral Powder again (applied with the EcoTools Bamboo Blush Brush). This mineral powder has such lovely coverage and it feels amazing on the skin. I have a feeling this will be using this a lot over the summer...

Joe Fresh Style Cream Blushes, CARGO Blush & MAC Blush

The first half of June, I was wearing Joe Fresh Style Cream Blushes a lot (Bloom on the left, Melon on the right). They are so pigmented and blend beautifully on the skin. Then on the second half of June, I started using CARGO's blush in Tonga and MAC's Pinch O'Peach blush together (Tonga along the cheekbone and Pinch O'Peach just on the apples of the cheek) and have been absolutely loving that combination!

Bath and Body Works Body Fragrance Mist & Burberry Perfume

I've been using and loving this Burberry fragrance for around 6 years now, it's definitely something a fragrance that is close to my heart. I don't use it every single day, I go through spurts here and there and June was definitely a spurt. Wild Honeysuckle has been a godsend for me during my long hours. You sweat, you get sticky, you get gross and sometimes a quick spritz of a lovely scent is enough to make you feel like a woman again :p. This bottle doesn't weigh much and fits in a larger purse quite well so I make sure to always have it on me.

Lush Shower Gel

This is my favourite Lush Shower Gel, for sure! It doesn't do any fancy tricks, but it smells absolutely divine! It's like comfort food for me...

What are your June favourites?

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