July 20, 2011

MAC Semi-Precious Collection Mini Haul

I haven't really been paying attention to MAC collections much. Simply because there seems to be one every week and the brain just gets overwhelmed by all the makeup goodness. Or at least mine does! A week or two ago, I stepped into my nearest MAC location and the lovely SA showed me some of the eyeshadows and MSF's prior to its release. I thought the products she showed me where all there was in the collection, so although I was impressed with what I saw, I wasn't really that interested.

Nevertheless, I went back in after the collection was released and came upon these three gorgeous products...

Cremesheen Glass - Geo Pink

Geo Pink is described as a "strawberry pink" but you and I both know it's not. I, for one, definitely think it belongs in the coral family. This is my first Cremesheen Glass so I was quite excited! It applies smoothly and although it's tacky, it doesn't feel too sticky. Don't get me wrong, your hair will still stick to your lips on a windy day (or during a rather fierce hair flip) but somehow it feels lighter on the lips. I find it's easy enough to forget I'm wearing it. It's the kind of lipgloss I can wear the whole day without feeling any sort of discomfort (unlike MAC's Plushglass, which makes the skin around my lips itchy the longer I wear it). 

The colour is lovely, too. I have 2 coral-y lipsticks, but this is my first coral lipgloss and so I expect to wear it quite often this summer. I suspect this would look absolutely lovely with just bronzer on...

Mineralize Blushes - Feeling Flush

Mineralize Blush - Warmth of Coral

Left: Feeling Flush, Right: Warmth of Coral

Wearing Feeling Flush on the left & Warmth of Coral on the right

Like I mentioned, I wasn't aware that there were blushes in the Semi Precious collection so when I saw these, it was a bit like Christmas in July! These Mineralize Blushes were love at first swatch for me so I just had to have them. 

Feeling Flush is the more pigmented of the two and it also has more staying power. It has been with me through 15-hour days and although it doesn't look as fresh as when I first applied it, it's still very much there. Something that I'm sure you lovelies who work long days can appreciate. It's a gorgeous cool-toned pink that has shades of "pink, deep blue-pink & soft brown" which swirls together to make a really lovely shade.

Warmth of Coral is definitely not as pigmented, I need at least 2 extra swipes of product per one swipe of Feeling Flush so that it will be more visible on camera. Nevertheless, this pretty coral/peach blush is so easy to blend, you can build up more colour and it won't look chalky. The only downside is, it pretty much disappears after a few hours. Well, maybe disappear is a bit of an exaggeration. However, I like my blushes pigmented because I like the dimension it gives to my rather pale (even in Summer >.<) face. But that's easily fixed by a quick re-application. I just love the shade and it goes so beautifully with Geo Pink and my other coral lipsticks (Vegas Volt & Siren). 

I'm so in love with these 3 products! If you guys get anything from the collection, I definitely recommend these. Geo Pink is a lovely lipgloss for the Summer (or anytime you're feeling Summery, really!) and the blushes are just so gorgeous (how lovely is that marbleized effect?). If you like more pigmented products, definitely go with the Feeling Flush Mineralize Blush. However, if you like more subtle shades, then Warmth of Coral is for you! 

Either way, and here's the enabler in me rearing it's ugly awesome head again, go get something from the Semi Precious collection. It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure there is something in there that will catch your eye!

Have you hauled from the Semi-Precious collection?

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