July 18, 2011

EcoTools' Retractable Kabuki Brush Makes Touch-Ups A Breeze!

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of EcoTools... Not only are they eco friendly (as the name suggests), but the brushes are incredibly soft and very affordable. Now that I'm working long hours, the need to touch up my makeup has grown. So the time came for me to purchase a face powder for touch up and, of course, a brush to apply it with. There was no question of which brush I was going to get; it was always going to be the EcoTools' Retractable Kabuki Brush.

I guess we'll start with the not-so-good stuff first... 

This product is absolutely FAB, but it's not perfect. The packaging is very lightweight, given that it's made of recycled aluminum. However, it feels a bit flimsy to me. I haven't treated it like a precious item and it still hasn't broken, which tells me it's surprisingly strong. But I just can't stop worrying that it'll fall apart on me. 

Another thing I don't like about the packaging is that it gets scratched so easily. Sometimes it gets marks which I can rub away easily enough. But the marks you see in the photo above are well and truly part of the case now. However, apart from the packaging, this product is alllll good!

Like all EcoTools brushes (which are 100% cruelty free), the bristles are amazingly soft! Not only that, they're dense too, which makes powders blend into your skin so beautifully. There's no shedding with this and all other EcoTools brushes I own and did I mention the bristles are sooo soft? Because they really are. 

If the packaging were sturdier, this retractable kabuki would be absolutely perfect. But don't let that discourage you from purchasing this product. The good far outweighs the one bad and the price (at around $15 CAD) doesn't hurt, either! Like I mentioned earlier, it's lightweight and quite small so it's perfect for traveling or for those of you who, like me, work long hours. 

Heck, even if you don't need a retractable kabuki brush yet, get it anyway! I believe, as of this moment, that they are still on promo at London Drugs for $10.39 (which is the price I bought it at) so go out and get yourself one! I swear, you will not regret it... After that, go ahead and get yourself something to use it with! I am such an enabler but I am not ashamed.

Bottom line: amazing brush, amazing price. Though I hate the fact that I have to do any touch ups, using the EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush makes the process much easier to deal with.

Are you a fan of the EcoTools brand?

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