May 26, 2011

Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes - Pure Awesomeness For Less Than $6

I've seen the Wet N Wild palettes all over the interweb for a while now, but I never really paid much attention until I saw them at Walmart for less than $6. I quickly searched for some swatches on my phone (ahhh, 3G <3), was satisfied with what I saw, and said to myself, "you know what? $12 isn't going to kill me or my bank account." So off I went with my new purchase and I've haven't regretted it for a second!

Without further ado, here is the picspam!



Both palettes contain an equal amount of matte and shimmery shades, which I love. To be honest, matte shades don't grab my attention enough, but having used these palettes, I've come to realize how truly versatile they are. I think it's safe to say I won't be so distracted by the shiny stuff now :p.

These eyeshadows are very pigmented, which is always a big plus for me. I could pick up so much product with just a pat of the brush that I had to often tap of excess, which I never really had to do with any other eyeshadows. Because of this, it creates quite a bit of "product dust," so be careful when you use it. I can speak from experience that eyeshadow can be tough to get out of fabrics/carpet. 

Wet N Wild also promises "all-day crease resistant color" and while I haven't worn it all day, I have worn all of them together for more than 6 hours. While gardening even... And my neighbours saw me. The things a beauty blogger must do to test products! Anyway, as I said, I've worn these eyeshadows for a pretty good amount of time (without primer, I might add) and they truly did not crease. I don't know how it'll work for someone with really oily lids; but for me, my eye makeup stayed crease-free.

Although, oddly enough, if I wear one of the shadows on my lid, it does crease a lot by the end of my workday. I'm not sure why this is when a full eye look does not. 

wearing LUST. Check back for more photos and a full rundown of this look.

wearing PRIDE. Check back for more photos and a full rundown of this look.

These shadows are so easy to use and I really think the quality is fantastic. Like my Sleek MakeUP shadows, I would buy them even if they were more expensive. So at $6, you can't really go wrong! Wet N Wild eyeshadows also come in singles, trios and an 8-pan palette which I haven't seen but am looking forward to trying out.

These 6-pan palettes also come in Vanity and Greed but as a whole, I think Lust and Pride have the more gorgeous colours. So next time you stop by a drugstore (I haven't seen Wet N Wild in any other place other than Walmart in Canada), definitely pick up a palette or two!

Have you tried Wet N Wild's Color Icon Palettes Before?

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