May 10, 2011

Milani Cosmetics' Lip Flash in Photo Flash Is NOT For The Timid!

Ah, Milani... Yet another drugstore brand that I ignored until now and this product blew my mind. I've been rather impressed with the drugstore purchases I've made as of late and I can't wait to share them with you guys!

Milani's Lip Flash Pencil is described as a full coverage, shimmer gloss pencil and that pretty much describes it to a T. 

I first heard about these babies through Makeup and Beauty Blog; I was so impressed with the pigmentation that I just had to pick some up for myself. In the end, though, I only purchased Photo Flash because the locations near me did not have any of the other shades I wanted. 

Photo Flash is a "fuchsia with gold and fuchsia shimmer," a.k.a. complete and utter gorgeousness (with a healthy dose of fierceness) in pencil form. I seriously cannot get enough of this product that I find myself putting it on after I've changed into pajamas and am just lounging in bed late at night (don't judge me).

This shade is definitely not for the timid or the faint-hearted, but if you love bold lips, these lip flashes are for you! I love how incredibly pigmented they are and how easily it applies on the lips. Its "anti-feathering" formula means you don't need to apply a lip liner first so it's pretty foolproof and easy to use.

Milani also states that these lip flashes are "non-tacky" and with that, I have to disagree. These feel quite tacky and if that bothers you at all, stay away. It personally doesn't and wouldn't bother me since I don't see myself wearing this for an extended period of time. With testing, I've determined that 3-4 hours of wear time is expect, maybe even 5-6 if you're not doing much drinking or eating. But the pencil format makes it really easy to apply so this is a non-issue for me.

No Flash

With Flash

Close Up

Lip Flash is so much FUN and I can't wait to rock it on a night out. The bright colour paired with the shimmer is very sexy, so expect to get a few double takes when you wear this. I definitely want to get my hands on Hot Flash (red with red shimmer) so I can wear it for the holidays! Yes, I'm already thinking of the holidays. You can blame Rae at TheNotice for that :p.

Milani Cosmetics is available in Royal Canadian Superstore and Sears Canada. I purchases it for approximately $7-8 CAD.

Have you tried Lip Flashes before?

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