May 14, 2011

Collection Spotlight: Gucci - Spring 2011

(photos from

You may have seen various pieces from this collection already. I believe Olivia Wilde has worn it on the red carpet, Jennifer Lawrence can be seen wearing it on the cover of Flare... And I totally get it. Because this collection is sexy.

I love the first and second sets the most because of the use of colour. Orange and purple? Why not? Love the dresses with the gold, tasseled belts and the jumpsuits (I think I will always love jumpsuits from now on).

Also, the very last dress is just divine! The gorgeous emerald colour would look gorgeous on just about everyone; I also like the Y-shaped halter and floofy skirt. Floofy is my new favourite non-word word :).

Are you a fan of non-traditional colour combinations?

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