May 4, 2011

Collection Spotlight: Paul & Joe - Spring 2011

(photos from

Goodness, where do I start? 

First of all: ORANGE! I've been a little obsessed with orange shades at the moment so the first set is right up my street!

Secondly: belts! From metallic belts with rope accents to ultra thin belts to the brown belts with the rustic feel, I'm loving this detail and I think they accentuate the outfits perfectly.

Third: maxi skirts/dresses! I love full length pieces, though I often think they look too bohemian for me. However, the lovely floral prints in the last set and the punchy bright shade of the first dress in the second set are bit more my style. 

Fourth: Pantsuits! The bright colours, the halter neck, the belted waist, these pantsuits are so modern and so sexy.

My absolute favourite? Definitely the first photo in the last set. I love the use of print and bright colour on the skirt juxtaposed with a sheer tank and leather bomber. 

Which piece is your favourite?

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