April 7, 2011

Style Crush - Amanda Seyfried

Why so gorgeous, Amanda Seyfried?

More often than not, you will see Ms. Seyfried in short hemlines (I would, too, if I had legs like hers) but I love how she keeps it classy. The dresses I see her in are always gorgeous, but age appropriate. also, whether or not it was her stylist's idea or hers, the choice to wear that purple and grey dress (last photo, first set) was brilliant. Oh and that very last dress? The one that's watercolor-like? I.WANT.

And can we talk about her hair? It always looks amazingly healthy and I love that she can be pretty adventurous with styles (much like our previous Style Crush).

In Other News

I've recently replenished my bath product stash. 

Now, I'm sure it's no surprise to any of you that I'm a big fan of Lush, but I do want to "broaden my horizons." So to you lovelies, I pose this question:

What bath products should Call It Beauty try?

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