April 3, 2011

New from L'Occitane: Almond Delightful Shape & Elegant Legs Mist

(photo from L'Occitane)

Almost a month ago, I received an email from L'Occitane Canada about a new product launch. Here's what they had to say about it: 

L'OCCITANE has harnessed the firming and elastic properties of the Almond to create a natural body care line of beauty products. Sourced from Provence, almond-based body care creams and lotions help fight the appearance of cellulite and reshape the silhouette.

This Spring, L'Occitane introduces two new skin firming and toning almond products:
Almond Delightful Shape & Elegant Legs Mist
The Almond Delightful Shape is an incredibly fresh contouring gel-cream that gives the body a firmer and smoother appearance. Its formula includes a patented complex composed of almond proteins, silicium and essential oils of immortelle, peppermint and palmarosa that promotes and stimulates skin microcirculation, this helping drain away excess water and toxins. The complex is complemented by quinoa extract, which helps prevent the formation of new fat, and lemon essential oils; which, combined with caffeine, enhances the complex's contouring action.
The Elegant Legs Mist is very much appreciated for its moisturising, nourishing, smoothing, and firming properties.

With Spring upon us and Summer fast approaching, hemlines are getting shorter. That means we need to prepare our gams to make more regular appearances. These two new products from L'Occitane will ensure that we're ready for it.

I Personally don't have to deal with cellulite (I have years of dance to thank for that), so the Almond Delightful Shape will be of no use for me at the moment, but I think we all need a little help in the moisturizing department. The Elegant Legs Mist sounds absolutely delightful for that. Imagine spritzing yourself with this on a hot summers day. Sounds refreshing, no?

Both the Almond Delightful Shape and Elegant Legs Mist are now available for purchase on L'Occitane's website or at your local L'Occitane boutique for $42.00 and $22.00 respectively.

Would you be interested in either of these products?

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