April 11, 2011

A Birthday Haul & A Sob Story (Not Really)

Is there a better time to haul than on birthdays? Well, aside from Christmas, that is... Probably not. Though we don't let that stop us on any other day, do we? Ahh, the plight of a beauty addict.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my purchases (and free gifts):

*Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation was a free sample*

Philosophy - Vanilla Birthday Cake Shower Gel (free V.I.B. birthday gift)

Clinique - Brush On Cream Liner

Laura Mercier - Tinted Moisturizer

The Body Shop

   Watermelon & Eucalyptus Earth Lovers Shower Gel 

Coconut Milk Body Lotion (free for spending more than $30)

Tee Tree Blemish Gel

Eye Colour in

Baked Eye Colour in Amethyst

(photo from Inglot)

So if you follow me on twitter, you might have seen me whining about my "inglot situation." Inglot used to have a location in the Lower Mainland of B.C., where I'm from. However, they closed shop after a short time. In my mind, they probably didn't have great products, which was why they didn't make much money. But after seeing Wayne and Cora's reviews of their eyeshadows, I find myself metaphorically kicking myself in the behind for passing up on these babies. Though, in my defense, I wasn't really big on makeup back then. 

Well, after about an hour of trolling the interwebs for swatches and the like, I finally came up with my 10 shadows (with the Freedom System, the more you buy, the cheaper the individual price. So for 10+ eyeshadows, each pan costs $4.50 USD). I was beyond excited, as I'm sure any of you would, too. However, as I'm checking out, I see that they don't ship to Canada.

*whomp - whomp - whooooooomp!*

I was gutted for a few hours but for some reason, I wouldn't let it go. So I googled around and came across an Inglot Canada Facebook page, run by Inglot Canada's head office. Turns out, you can place orders by calling their head office or emailing them at information@inglotcanada.com. So, if you've been dying to try Inglot products, here's your chance! Have at it, lovelies!

Hauled anything lately?
Have you tried Inglot products before?

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