April 26, 2011

Cargo Cosmetics Blush In Tonga Is My New Favourite!

I've heard of Cargo Cosmetics for a while now but have never tried any of their products. As I did my usual online research before purchasing any products, I decided to try out one of their blushes (it had the best reviews).

After looking at multiple swatches online and having a sales associate apply two different shades on me (might I add the SA was pretty rubbish at applying blush), I decided upon Tonga.

The gorgeous Tonga is described as a "pink terracota" and the slight brown tones makes it easier to pair up with different products. Which is something I definitely needed because all my blushes are pretty colour specific. Tonga allows me to not have to think so much about what will go with what and that's what I love the most about it.

It comes in a round, lightweight tin; which I like aesthetically, but I'm not too thrilled with the lid. It comes off pretty easily (If I held it by the lid, the pan drops out) and I can just imagine all that lovely blush powder lining the inside of my makeup bag.

You don't need to do much to pick up a lot of product with this blush. In fact, the photo you see above is what happens when you gently tap the brush onto the powder once. What you see on the brush is enough to add a good amount of colour to the cheeks, the pigmentation is just that wonderful.

It has a wonderful texture; soft and creamy (the way it feels on my fingers reminds me a bit of the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Foundation), plus it blends very well. Although, I do find that it blends better when using brushes with shorter, denser bristles (i.e. the Sigma F40 brush or the EcoTools bamboo blush brush).

As for wearability, I confess I haven't worn it for an extended period of time, but I have easily gotten 6-8 hours out of this blush.

(Tonga applied over Chanel Vitalumiere in 10 Limpide)

Now that I've tried out one of their blushes, I'm eager to get more acquainted with the Cargo brand. So far I have my eye on a few other blushes (Catalina, Rome, & Laguna), their colour palette eyeshadows, as well as their blu-ray line. Oh, and I had the opportunity to try out their Plant Love lipsticks in store and they are lovely.

If you haven't tried out Cargo Cosmetics before, I definitely recommend trying out their blushes. They retail for $26 CAD and if you're in the lower mainland, you can find them in Eccotique Spa locations. They really are so easy to work with, have such a beautiful texture and are very pigmented; definitely well worth the money spent.

Have you tried Cargo Cosmetics before?

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