November 1, 2010

Monthly Favourites - October 2010

Time is definitely flying, isn't it? I completely forgot about my monthly favourites until yesterday! Nevertheless, here they are:

1. Sigma - Large Angled Contour Brush (F40)

I've only started contouring a few months ago (*gasp*) and the Sigma F40 (formerly the SS168) is absolutely perfect for it; plus, the bristles are super soft. I'm absolutely loving this brush at the moment!

2. Physician's Formula - Bamboo Silk Bronzer in Light Bronze

Since the weather's getting colder, my colour's fading a bit. These bronzers are actually sold separately as a bronzer refill and a compact. The compact has two compartments that has a good sized mirror and a brush. It's not a bad brush; it's quite soft and works in a pinch, but I typically use the Sigma F40. Anyway, the bronzer itself is quite lovely. Like the name suggests, it's quite light so it's perfect for you light-skinned lovelies. The darker powder is matte and the powder that makes the bamboo design has a slight shimmer: it gives a very natural glow and isn't glittery at all.

3. MAC Eyeshadow - Satin Taupe & Shale

These two have become my staples for my everyday look. I use Shale (a "mauve-plum with subtle shimmer") along the lash line and in the crease while I used Satin Taupe (a "taupe with silver shimmer) along my lower lash line. It keeps the look natural but gives great definition and polish. 

4. MAC Plushglass - Big Baby

This is the MLBB lipgloss for me. Described by MAC as a "peach with pink and white pearl," it makes my lips look more polished but is still very natural. It has a pretty pleasant tingling sensation and a lovely vanilla scent. 

5. MAC Lipstick - Jubilee

And now for the MLBB lipstick. I already talked about Jubilee here so I won't bother getting into a lot of detail. But as the MLBB title suggests, it's my fool-proof, fail-proof lipstick. I often pair it with Big Baby and they're both perfect for those moments when you feel particularly lazy and just want to slap on some lip product to polish up your look. Also, the awesome thing about MLBB products is that you don't have to worry about looking ridiculous when they fade. Which is perfect for me because I usually can't be arsed to re-apply :p.

6. Giorgio Armani - Emporio Armani She

I have a pretty big soft spot for this fragrance. She is described as "a fresh blend of delicate florals, heliotrope, almond accents and a caressing wake of vanilla and cedar wood that melt together in perfect harmony." So yes, it smells lovely, but that's not what I love most about She. I was given this perfume way back in 2005/6 while I was in Milan for a week. I started using it while I was still there and since the sense of smell is relates closely to our memory, I'm pretty much transported back there every time I use it. I've started using it again this month and every time I do, I remember Milan :).

What are your faves from this month?

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