November 11, 2010

Lush Cleansers - Review

My skin has changed a lot in the last few months. I used to have combination/oily skin with hormonal breakouts but thanks to a rather massive meltdown, my skin is now dry/combination with some pretty persistent breakouts. 

Back when my skin had horrible dry, itchy patches, I used nothing but soothing products. The Aveeno Moisturizing Bar and Korres' Wild Rose Moisturizer really helped to soothe my sensitive skin and get it back to normal. Yes, my skin type has changed, but no more itchy, burning skin!

So, now that my skin isn't so sensitive, I was looking to change my cleansers. However, I was still a bit paranoid about triggering another meltdown so I went with products that were more natural. Enter, Lush's Angels On Bare Skin and Coalface cleansers.

I know Coalface is for oily skin, but I wasn't really too concerned about it drying my skin out because I was going to moisturize anyway. I knew I wasn't going to be able to use it every day since it has gritty particles that can be quite abrasive, and depending on whether or not my skin was feeling particularly robust or sensitive, I would either apply the product directly to my face or rub one side on my hand to create a lather.

If you look closely, you'll see scratch marks and raised bumps on the surface. This is due to the ground charcoal that's in the bar (Coalface is basically Dark Angels in solid form). Like I mentioned before, I wasn't going to be using this cleanser every single day. But it's great for deep cleansing and the gritty particles exfoliate the skin pretty well. 

Since using Coalface (I've been using it for a little over a month), I've noticed less blackheads and some of my blemishes go away quicker. For the stubborn ones that don't go away as quickly as I would like, I've noticed that they don't get as big as my other blemishes have before. I also remember one particular pimple that stuck around for nearly a month and after a few days of using Coalface, the size reduced considerably.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that it does leave a residue after use so make sure to use toner afterwards.

I've used Angels On Bare Skin before and I liked it even then. Since I only use Coalface around 4-5 nights a week, I needed another cleanser to use in the morning. Actually, I lie... I didn't need another cleanser since I still have half a bottle of Cucumber Cleansing Milk from The Body Shop (which I still love), I just wanted another one :p.

Semantics aside, I think Angels On Bare Skin is a really simple but effective cleanser. It has ground almonds in it which are great for gentle exfoliation and whenever I use it, my skin feels very fresh, clean, smooth, and not at all dry or tight. I quite like the scent, too; it smells like lavender and something else I can't place, though it smells very earthy and is definitely not for everyone. However, it isn't strong or overwhelming at all.

One thing that can turn people off from this cleanser (and Lush's other fresh cleansers) is the fact that you need to mix it up in your hand prior to use. Personally, it's not a problem, but it can get messy. I find that the easiest way to use Angels On Bare Skin is by placing approximately a dime sized amount on the palm of your hand and adding a few drops of water. Once you mix it up, it's quite easy to use.

The Final Verdict

I'm definitely happy with these cleansers; Coalface gives me better exfoliation and a deeper cleanse and Angels On Bare Skin exfoliates in a gentler way and keeps my skin clean, but balanced. Another great thing about Lush cleansers is that you can spend only what you want to spend. Each cleanser you see in the photos above cost me $5.00 CAD apiece. So you can either buy a pre-packaged cleanser (usually priced around $10.00 CAD) or you can ask for a specific price and the Sales Associate will measure out a piece for you. But keep in mind that Lush fresh cleansers (these are the ones that come in a roll and aren't solid) expire after 3 months so only purchase what you can use. 

So will I repurchase these? Well, I'll probably try something else because let's face it, us junkies need to keep trying out other products :p. That said, I can easily see myself re-visiting both these cleansers in the future. In fact, this is the second time I've repurchased Angels on Bare Skin.

Have you tried any Lush cleansers?
What's your favourite?

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