January 4, 2012

Skincare Blitz!

You know how it is: sometimes you forget to review certain products, or they leave you underwhelmed and you're unsure as to whether or not you should even write a review. Then at times, the product is just so, unbelievably wrong for you that you find yourself never using it after a handful of tries.

Well, I have found myself at a point where I've amassed a small amount of skincare products that I have yet to write about and I thought, "why not do a short review of all of them in a single post?" And so, the Skincare Blitz was born.

1. Nude Skincare - Cleansing Facial Wash

At first, I found this cleanser to be a tad drying. But now, I find it to be perfect for my skin. It removes the last traces of makeup and leaves my skin feeling fresh after cleansing. That said, it costs £14 per 100mL bottle, plus shipping to Canada and I just don't think this product is good enough that I would repurchase it.

2. The Body Shop - Vitamin C Microdermabrasion 

This stuff works well enough, but I find it to be much too abrasive for the more sensitive areas of my face (i.e. my cheeks and my forehead). But I quite like using it around my nose, around my mouth and on my chin - the areas I find require more frequent exfoliating. 

3. The Face Shop - Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Foam

I actually quite like this cleanser but it's too much for my skin, which has decided it will be combination rather than dry at the moment. You only need a small, pea-sized amount and it's more than enough to give you enough lather for your entire face. It has a light but pleasant scent that won't irritate anybody's sensitive senses. If my skin were drier, I would definitely be using this every day. It's lovely!

4. Pure+simple - Cellular Renewal Face Cream

"On Paper," this product sounds absolutely amazing and, dare I say it, life-changing. 

I love the idea of cellular renewal and although I'm not quite at the age where this is necessary, it's always good to get a head start on anti-aging, no? 

That said, I can't, in good conscience, give this product a thorough review because I honestly only used it for a few days. Why? Because it smells absolutely awful! >.<

Granted, I do have a sensitive sense of smell, but this stuff is something else. I can't even bring myself to open the jar up and give it a sniff so I could describe how bad it smells. 

5. Marcelle Essentials - Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Lotion

Much like Marcelle's amazing Soothing Cleansing Water, The Eye Makeup Remover Lotion is also very effective. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite remove product all from my lower lash line well; But everything else, including mascara, is removed really well.

6. The Face Shop - Oil Specialist Enriched Cleansing Oil

Mother of pearl, this stuff is thiiiick! I kind of assumed that it would work like the Shu Uemura or MAC  cleansing oils, but this product does not emulsify at all. So it's just, oil. Oil on your skin. Oil that doesn't really come off.  >.<

I'm thinking of using this in my baths, actually...

What skincare products have you been loving lately?

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