January 16, 2012

Cheap & Easy: A DIY Earring Organizer

There's something about having short hair that makes me more conscious about what I'm wearing... Now that my ears are on display, I find myself more concerned about finding pieces that will adorn them. The past few months has seen me wear and buy more earrings than I have in my entire life!

My earring collection has accumulated, but I didn't have any proper storage... They were all just dumped together in a small drawer (which made finding a lost piece a pain in the behind to find), which quickly became a nuisance. So I trolled the internet, as we all do, and found some pretty cute stands and racks... However, I wasn't really willing to shell out $30+ on them, plus shipping, so I decided to go the DIY route. I saw some really awesome earring organizer ideas online, but they wouldn't have worked for studs; so I went to a few stores on Saturday, hoping to be inspired, and came up with a super easy and very cheap solution from Michael's.

To make this earring organizer, you will need only two products:

Artist's Loft 2 Pack Value Canvas - $7.99 (from Michael's)

 Celebrate It 360 Ribbon - $2.00 (also from Michael's)

I chose a canvas because the open back allowed for me to also put studs on it. I can't say I'm artistically inclined by the way of painting, so I decided I would decorate with ribbon instead; luckily, Michael's had some on sale. I chose a pattern and simply crazy glue-d them to the back. Et voila! It's really that simple!

I really love having my (non-fancy, inexpensive) earrings displayed like this because it reminds me what I have... I don't know about you, but when things are tucked away and hidden, I tend to forget about them. This way, I can make sure they are all well loved. 

Hope you all liked my very first DIY! If you're looking for a cute way to display your earrings, why not try this "system" out? Again, it's ridiculously easy and only cost me around $10!

How do you display your jewelry?

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  1. Looks great! I definetly need to make one. My earrings are tossed all over my dresser!



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