September 26, 2011

I Guess I Could Used Another Blot Powder...

I don't know what it is about this product, but every time I stepped into MAC, I always gravitated to it. I didn't need another blot powder, as I already bought Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder, which was working well enough; so I can't really explain the urge to purchase this product. I guess I can kind of see why one would have use for 2 (or more :p). After all, we all have multiples of everything else, right? That was a weak justification, I know...

From MACA unique pressed powder designed primarily to provide shine control without adding any noticeable colour of texture. Sets foundation, finishes faces. For use in professional situations and for frequent touch-ups. Blot Powder contains Mico and Silica to absorb excess oils and reduce shine on the skin's surface. Can be applied with the puff that comes in the compact or with a powder brush. 

The main thing I love about this product is how it just melts into the skin. Like the MAC blurb says, it doesn't add any colour or texture, it just leaves your skin looking matte. The powder is much more finely milled than Maybelline Dream Matte, so it blends in so much better. 

I was shade-matched to Medium Dark; which, as you can see, is not even Medium, let alone Dark. Oh MAC, you're silly! I am definitely not as light as the swatch would suggest, but as I mentioned, It just blends in so wonderfully that it doesn't leave any sort of white cast. And even though the weather is slowly turning colder, I find myself still getting a bit oily as the day goes by. This product has been a life saver because, really, who wants to look oily? Not I! 

I have to say though, I do wish this gives a bit of coverage; because I find that my foundation fades when I blot my face with blotting paper prior to applying powder. I think what would make this product absolute perfection is if added a small amount of coverage so that my skin tone continues to look even. 

This product retails for $27.50 CAD, which is pretty steep for me. But considering it's not a product I use every day as I don't have oily skin, I don't think it's too much to ask. I definitely prefer this over Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder because of the texture and the packaging. MAC's packaging feels much more solid and I love that the mirror is attached to the inside of the lid. Maybelline's is under the powder and you have to slide it out in order to use it - too much work, if you ask me. 

Yes. I am, in fact, that lazy.

Lovelies, what product do you use to freshen up?

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  1. I love their blot powder, I have pretty oily skin. I just put it right on w/out using blotting papers first saves my foundation.



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