September 28, 2011

Embracing Bright Colours In The Fall With MAC Fusion Pink Lipstick

On Tuesday, September 20th, I went to my first MAC party. I feel like a big girl now! :p

MAC was previewing their Fall 2011 Collections and so I brought along one of my best friends. Together, we swatched to our hearts delight, drank an alcoholic drink that was wayyy too strong (seriously, both of us could only handle one sip), and nibbled on tasty canapé's.

Since I am trying very hard to stick to my spending budget, I told myself I could only buy one product. It wasn't as hard as I imagined since a) I was pretty broke and b) it was hard to be enthusiastic when there was just too many collections and too many products in each collection. Seriously, MAC: if you're overwhelming even beauty bloggers, then I think it's time to take it easy with the collections. 

Fusion Pink is an Amplified lipstick that is permanent at MAC Pro. It's a gorgeous coral/red shade with a fuchsia sheen. The texture is quite creamy and pigmentation is intense! This is emphatically not the lipstick to try if you're trying to ease into your brights :p. 

I'd say its wearability is the same as my other MAC lipsticks - around 3 to 4 hours, provided I don't eat in that time frame. It glides on smoothly and because of the shade, doesn't accentuate any drier areas on my lips (bonus!). It wears quite comfortably on the lips; in fact, I'm almost able to forget I'm wearing it. I say "almost" because I'm paranoid that the colour's going to rub off and smear on my face. Definitely not a good look! 

Dotted on.

Applied and blotted with tissue paper, then topped off with MAC Big Baby Plushglass.

Applied straight on.

This shade is just absolutely gorgeous. The moment the SA swatched it on my hand, I fell in love. It's definitely a good lippie to add to one's collection because it's uniqueness. I love that in some instances in looks like a fire engine red shade and in others, it could lean more towards coral and depending on the angle, you see the fuchsia sheen coming through. I love! 

Do you wear bright colours in the Fall?

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