December 21, 2010

Winter Staples - MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner

The MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner is probably my HG lip product. In my quest to find a more affordable dupe (or something to use just for bumming around the house), I have only found one that works in the same way. It keeps my lips feeling moist longer than 99% of other lip balms/conditioners I've tried and because of that, I feel I don't need to reapply as often. I've had my fair share of products that disappear so quickly, this is definitely not one of them.

MAC makes colourless lip conditioners in tube and pot form, too; but i especially love the tinted ones because they add just enough colour to make your lips look polished but still natural. They also come in 4 other colours: 

Left to right: Petting Pink, Plum Perfect, Gentle Coral & Soothing Beige

I've already tried Petting Pink & Gentle Coral and have loved them both. It sounds like Plum Perfect would be lovely for a more intense look and Soothing Beige would be great for a nuder lip; either way, I'm excited to try these other two shades!

Have you tried MAC's Tinted Lip Conditioners before?

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