December 15, 2010

Winter Staples: Bath & Body Works - Cucumber Melon Body Cream

Bath & Body Works' body creams are incredibly moisturizing, yet they absorb quickly; perfect if you're on the go. Despite it's rich texture, it does not feel oily at all. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth.

If Cucumber Melon isn't your thing, that's ok! You only have, oh, 35 other scents to choose from :p. There's a fantastic deal going on right now on their website: buy 3 body creams, get 3 FREE! So if you're stumped for Christmas presents, definitely check these out!

Just a note: these body creams do contain parabens, so steer clear if you want to use paraben-free products. That said, this product leaves my skin feeling so incredible and I love using it on my hands especially. I've been trying to drink more water, which means I need to, uh... Unload more often than usual; which, in turn, means I need to wash my hands more. And on top of that, I always have my heater on, so my hands have been drier than usual. Like I mentioned above, this body cream sinks in so quickly and doesn't leave any oily residue, so it's perfect for using on my hands. I don't have to worry about not touching anything until my hands dry :p.

Now, I only wish they came in smaller tubes so they can fit in my purse much easier!

What's your favourite hand cream?

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