December 14, 2010

Recent Purchases: Drugstore Buys, My Perfect Contouring Shade & A Fierce Pair Of Shoes

I have a performance coming up this Friday and I needed to stock up on some essentials; three of which, I've never tried before. There's always something exciting about testing a product for the first time, no? Which is why I found myself testing away at 10:30 PM a few nights ago.

Drugstore Buys

I've tried Quo lashes before, just not this particular style. I quite liked the ones I used prior; they were easy to work with and were very dramatic. The style didn't quite suit my eye shape though, so I was looking for a particular one to purchase instead: a dupe of MAC #21's (i.e.  shorter at the ends, longer in the middle). Let me tell you, I'm so glad I found these. They were half the price and while they may not be the same quality as MAC lashes, it's still an excellent product.

My (current) favourite eyeliner. It applies evenly & smoothly and doesn't give me a nasty rash like the Maybelline Waterproof eyeliner. That said, this product is definitely not perfect. The wand, for one thing; it's perfect after a few uses, but the first few times I use it to apply the liner are quite... Unpleasant. It's hard and feels abrasive on my eyelids; not good! Especially on an area with such delicate skin. Also, there is some slight migration going on after a few hours. It's easy enough to swipe a finger underneath the eye to clean up, but I wish I didn't have to. Other than that, I do like it.

I first heard about clear lip liner when I spotted one by Maybelline in the Drugstore. To say I was intrigued is an understatement. I mean, I have many different shades of lipstick and the thought of having to buy multiples just to match the shade was giving me a headache. I've done a short test on this and found that my lipstick definitely applied much smoother with this on. I'll make sure to review this again after I've tested it more thoroughly.

I've heard many people rave about Revlon ColorStay and now I know why. It's a really good product! Shopping for Drugstore foundation can be quite daunting but I was able to find my shade (without swatching, mind) thanks to Temptalia's Foundation Matrix. First of all, it blends so nicely (especially when applied with a duo fibre brush) and has great coverage (slightly more than Chanel Vitalumiere). 

It also has a nice, natural finish. There is a slight dewiness, but it doesn't make you look oily at all. It lasts quite a while, too; I wore it on Sunday for nearly 10 hours. Of course, I was wearing a primer and I did a very small touch up with bareMinerals foundation at the 8 hour mark (and I didn't even need it, I just did anyway :p), but still... 10 hours is impressive for any foundation, Drugstore or not. 

Did I mention after 5 hours of rehearsal in which I was perspiring, it was still intact? Well, it was. Brilliant!

My Perfect Contouring Shade

Contouring was new to me this year and all the products I use are matte bronzers. Which is fine if you want to look a bit tanner. Except I don't. Yes, my skin is quite light and I do like to keep it that way. Matching my blushes to my contouring powder was becoming a pain because the orangey tones would just clash too much (I was using Harmony by MAC and Physician's Formula Bamboo Silk Bronzer). 

So, I went on the lookout for a cooler shade. I initially wanted Taupe blush by NYX but none of my local retailers sell their blushes. I finally gave up on an inexpensive product and went to MAC. The lovely sales associate tried a number of blushes on me, none of which were promising. Too orange, too subtle, etc, etc. Then she decided on using an eyeshadow on my cheek, something I knew was perfectly fine to do, but never did. She picked Quarry and I fell in love.

It's the perfect cool taupe-y colour (MAC describes it as a "soft, muted plum-brown") and blends quite nicely (I use Sigma's F40 brush). All in all, it's a joy to use and is exactly what I was looking for. I love it so much already, I can only imagine how much more I'll love it as I continue to use it.

A Fierce Pair Of Shoes

I only own 1 pair of black high heels because I prefer to wear clothing that is more subdued in colour and really bring out the flash with accessories; specifically shoes. Well, the time came when I needed a pair of close-toed black high heels and I'm so glad I was able to find this pair by Chinese Laundry at my local Winners (basically it's Ross/T.J.Maxx but in Canada :p).

They're cute, no? A nice pair of black, platform pumps should be a staple in every woman's closet, I think. 

What are your recent purchases?

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