October 6, 2010

Lush Christmas Products! (Part II)

(all photos from Lush Canada)

We all know a Lush Christmas wouldn't be the same without their amazing wrapped gifts. This year, Lush has designed 12 different Christmas gifts for us to choose from!

Contains: Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb, Snowcake Soap

Contains: Snow Globe Soap, Whoosh Shower Jelly (also wins for cutest name :p)
Warning: product may melt

Contains: The Boog Bath Bomb, Cinders Bath Bomb
Warning: product may melt

Contains: So White Bath Bomb, Cinders Bath Bomb (Matrioshka dolls made of So White Soap)
Warning: product may melt

Contains: So White Bath Bomb, Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb, Bearded Lady Bubble Bar

Contains: Snowcake Soap, Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb, 
Smitten Hand Cream, Li'l LUSH Pud Bath Bomb

Contains: Cinders Bath Bomb, So White Bath bomb, L'il LUSH Pud Bath Bomb, 
HokkaidoWinter Bath Bath Bomb, Think Pink - XMSSTR Bath Bomb, Mrs. Whippy Bath Bomb
Warning: product may melt

Contains: Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, Cinders Bath Bomb, Mandarin's Tea Party Soap, 
Sexy Peel Soap, Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb, Butterball Bath Bomb

Contains: Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Candy Cane Bubble Bar, Rock Star Soap, 
Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, Bubble Gum Lip Scrub, Snow Fairy Lip Tint
Warning: product may melt

Contains: Candy Cane Bubble Bar, Angel's Delight Gift Star Soap, Snow Fairy Shower Gel, 
Twilight Bath Bomb, Bon Bon Lip Scrub, Sugar Plum Fairy Scrub, Iced Wine Shower Jelly

Contains: Sexy Peel Soap, The Olive Branch Shower Gel, Glogg Shower Gel, 
Mandarin's Tea Party Soap, Buffy Body Butter, Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub, New! Solid Shampoo
Warning: product may melt

Contains: Candy Cane Bubble Bar, So White Bath Bomb, Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, 
Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb, The Boog Bath Bomb, HokkaidoWinter Bath Bath Bomb, 
Bearded Lady Bubble Bar, Gingerbread House Bubble Bar, Mandarin's Tea Party Soap, 
Glogg Shower Gel, Snow Globe Soap

Needless to say, there's pretty much something for everybody in these gift sets. My personal pick is definitely the 12 Days Of Christmas gift set. Yes, it's pricey, but it comes with almost every single product I want to try from the Christmas line. 

But I'm also really intrigued with the Matrioshka gift! I used to have a Matryoshka doll when I was younger and found it incredibly entertaining (ahh, to be young and be easily amused!). I remember Lush releasing Easter products that functioned the same: the gift itself was a bath bomb and it came with more products inside). Since I missed out on those, I'd like to pick up one of the Matrioshka gifts. 

And how cute is the Chillin' With My Gnomies gift? I'm only really interested in the Snow Globe Soap, but... Gnomies! Come on! I will not get over this...

Which presents would you lovelies pick up (whether for 
yourself or a loved one)?

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  1. ooh i LOVE lush at christmas. they have such fun and creative products.

    I really like the concept of the doll!

    Thanks, Roxy

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