October 12, 2010

Annabelle Cosmetics - Hype Collection Review

A few weeks ago, Annabelle Cosmetics held a twitter competition. Followers were asked a simple question and I believe the first 10 who responded with a correct answer would win the entire Hype Collection. How fantastic is that? Anyway, as you can see, I was one of the lucky winners.

The Hype Collection comes with four Custom Quad Eyeshadows (Lagoon, Rainforest, Fantasy, & Ultraviolet), one Custom Quad Magnetic Compact, five Volumelip Lip Plumping Glosses (Iced Spice, Sweet Tweet, Vivid Volume, Metro Mango, & Cherryoké), two Limited Edition Smudgeliners (Honey & Foxy Grey), and one Hype Liquid Eyeliner (Mystic Black).

I've mentioned before that I'm very impressed with the quality of Annabelle Cosmetics and for the most part, these products did not disappoint!

Custom Quad Eyeshadows
(swatches - left to right: Lagoon, Rainforest, Fantasy, Ultraviolet)

I've reviewed the Lagoon and Rainforest before (along with two other eyeshadows) and as I've said then, these shadows are great quality! They do look great swatched, but they look even better when foiled! I promise you, these babies are worth more than their price tag when you see it applied with a wet brush. I also get very little fall out and they blend beautifully.

Meanwhile, the compact is quite sturdy and despite the fact you can remove the eyeshadows with very little difficulty, the eyeshadows sit very snugly and won't fall out.

Volumelip Lip Plumping Gloss
(left to right: Iced Spice, Sweet Tweet, Vivid Volume, Metro Mango, Cherryoké)

I've only ever used one other product that promises lip plumping action (MAC Plushglass) and I never noticed any visible plumping. The Volumelip glosses are no different... And thank the heavens for that because if you've seen my lips, you know I don't need them to get any plumper (seriously, I would look like "insert-any-number-of-hollywood-stars-here"). I do feel a slight tingle with the Volumelip glosses, but nothing that would cause anyone discomfort.

The tube itself is squeezable and the product will then come out of the plastic applicator. I have to say, I would've preferred a traditional doe foot applicator with the fabric-y texture. These applicators are sticky to begin with and it catches fluff and dust particles very well. I can't imagine it'll be too hard to clean up, but it's definitely not what I would prefer.

Iced Spice

Sweet Tweet

Vivid Volume

Metro Mango


These glosses apply smoothly, are delightfully non-sticky, and are unscented (a plus for you lovelies with sensitive noses). One thing to keep in mind though, is that these glosses do look quite pigmented in the tube, but you'll find they're actually pretty sheer. If you notice, the first three glosses (Iced Spice, Sweet Tweet, and Vivid Volume) have hardly any pigmentation.

However, Metro Mango and Cherryoké, despite being sheer, can be really built up to have amazing colour. If you're going to pick up one of these lip glosses, I highly recommend these two. They are gorgeous colours!
  Limited Edition Smudgeliner
 (swatch - left to right: Honey, Foxy Grey)

One of my favourite products from the collection, these Smudgeliners are so crazy pigmented and not to mention vibrant! Hello, you can probably spot Foxy Grey from outer space! I lie, probably just from a block away or something.

Anyway, these apply very smoothly and are also great for layering. I did a combo of Honey and MAC Tempting eyeshadow the other day and it was quite lovely! Oh, and if you're going to rock Foxy Grey (and you should be) it might take a bit of extra makeup remover to get rid of every trace, it is that sparkly!

Hype Liquid Liner
Mystic Black

Ahh, another fave! This liquid eyeliner is so easy to work with! The felt tip is very soft (it doesn't irritate my eyelid at all, unlike the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner) and malleable, it's fairly easy to create a sharp flick, even for someone who happens to be rubbish at creating flicks (i.e. ME). It's also flecked with little silver sparkles which is perfect for amping up a look, but it's still subtle enough for the day.

However, if you plan on shedding a few tears, don't wear this! It's definitely not waterproof (not that it claims to be) and despite having a decent wear time, it doesn't stand up to moisture. Still, the consistency is perfect: thin enough that it applies easily, dries fast, and doesn't rub off. 

Final Verdict

All in all, this is a fantastic collection. With the exception of the three lightest Volumelip Lip Plumping Glosses (Iced Spice, Sweet Tweet, Vivid Volume), I would recommend each product. 

Definite must-haves are: Lagoon eyeshadow, Volumelip Lip Plumping Gloss in Metro Mango & Cherryoké, both Limited Edition Smudgeliners, and the Hype Liquid Liner.

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