October 16, 2010

L'oréal Telescopic Eyeliner - Review

I'm surprised to say I went a few months without liquid liner...

Then again, I did have my Blacktrack, but I find it's not as long lasting as liquid eyeliner (even when using a primer). So finally, I actually remembered that I needed to get one and decided to try something different (I was using Revlon's Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner for many years).

Enter, the L'oréal Telescopic Eyeliner. It's a waterproof formula, it has an intense colour, has a bit of a wet finish (similar to MAC's Superslick Liquid Eyeliners), and the felt tip is quite soft (unlike the Revlon Colorstay) and very easy to work with; all for under $12.00 CAD. Sounds like a deal, right?

Well, yes and no. It definitely has a lot going for it (see previous paragraph), but there are too many minuses for me to recommend this product. Firstly: unlike the Superslick liners, these do rub off. Quite easily, in fact.

(drying time: 2-3 minutes)

Two words: HOT MESS

So I thought, "hmm, maybe if I wait 5 whole minutes!"

Better, but still bad. 

I think L'oréal needs to tweak the formula a bit more because the consistency itself can be a bit thick when applied, which has the tendency to make it look clumpy on the eyelid. For example, my left and right eye are completely different shapes. So in order to make my eyes to look more similar in shape, I sometimes need to layer the product more in order to get the shape I want. L'oréal Telescopic is absolutely not the right product for this. 

I was about to give up on it, but I decided to give it another go and found that when applied on top of other products (eyeshadow, primer, etc.), it applies much smoother and doesn't clump at all (even with a bit of layering).

Oh, and another thing: removing this is a bit of a chore. Despite using a makeup remover that's specifically for waterproof products, I find that I need to rub more than I'm comfortable with in order to get the liner off my eyes. And it doesn't remove normally, Oh no! It becomes this rubbery, tacky, gooey mess...

...That will get all up on your face, mark my words!

So if you read through all that babble, congratulations! Reward yourself by not getting this eyeliner!

What are you recommendations for good drugstore 
liquid eyeliners?

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