April 18, 2012

With MAC's New Très Cheek Blushes, I'm Three Steps Closer To Blush Fiend Status!

It's kind of funny how crazy into blushes I've been this past year. And by funny, I really mean alarming.

When I first got wind of this new blush collection by MAC, I was immediately taken by the following shades: Immortal Flower, Modern Mandarin, and Lovecloud... Initially, I had only purchased the first two (along with Whisper of Gilt); but I couldn't stop thinking of Superb, so I eventually went back to MAC and surprisingly, it was still available. So then I made a stop by the Très Cheek display and swatched Lovecloud again and decided to pick one up as well.

It's rather unusual for me to purchase so many items from collections at once. I normally end up returning one or two products, but I still happily own all the items I picked up from the In Extra Dimension and Très Cheek collections; which says something about how much I'm loving them, me thinks.

Immortal Flower is a lovely peach blush with a satin finish. Peaches, corals, and oranges are not well represented in my modest blush collection, so I was immediately drawn to this shade (along with Modern Mandarin). Despite being a satin finish, it doesn't have much of a sheen and leans more towards matte, though it isn't completely matte.

I was a little worried that Immortal Flower would be too similar to Cargo's Tonga blush, at first. But Tonga is definitely more pink.

I've had a soft spot for oranges lately (and not just because of this whole Tangerine Tango business). As I mentioned previously, oranges are largely underrepresented in my collection so along with Immortal Flower, Modern Mandarin was a must have.

Modern Mandarin is a pretty bright shade and is definitely not for the faint of heart. It has more of a satin sheen than Immortal Flower, which gives it a softer appearance than a matte powder would. Orange (and any bright shade, really) can be difficult to wear, but the satin finish makes it more wearable. Also, a light hand is your best friend when it comes to this shade.

To Lovecloud or not to Lovecloud... That was my question.

I love pink blushes. I have enough of them, I think. So did I really need another? Though as a blogger, was "need" really the requirement? After all, I don't need the majority of what I own.  Furthermore, what is the meaning of life? (#WrongBlog) (#YesIUseHashtagsOutsideOfTwitter) (#DontJudgeMe) (#YouCanLaughAtMeThough)

In the end, what won me over was the finish. Yes, all Très Cheek blushes have a satin sheen, but it's more pronounced in some and less so in others. Lovecloud is one that falls in the former category. Since I didn't have a blue-pink blush with this kind of finish before, I thought it would make a fabulous addition to my budding stash. It has also become my most reached for blush in the last few weeks.

Top to bottom: Lovecloud, Immortal Flower, and Modern Mandarin

What else is impressive about these blushes, aside from the shades and the finish? Well, they stay put, for one. As I write this, I have swatches along my arm and they are not budging, despite my efforts to rub them away. Don't get me wrong, they do fade during the day (especially if my skin is particularly oily), but I love that they can stick around me on a full work day (plus rehearsals!). This is good news for someone like me who has chubby cheeks and could use all the definition she can get!

Great pigmentation, gorgeous texture and finish, plus beautiful colours make each blush (at $24 CAD a pop) well worth it. I'll be getting a lot of use out of these blushes in the near future, that's for sure!

*Apologies for not having "face swatches." You will be waiting a long time for this post if I decided to include them. Dani has been a big lazybones lately. Bad beauty blogger! >:@

Are you a fan of blushes with a satin finish?

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