April 30, 2012

NOTW - Mottled Sunset With Nails Inc. And Maybelline New York

Two nail posts in a row? What's that about?

So here's the thing: I'm kind of in love with Chanel June... However, it is approximately (or maybe exactly?) $30 CAD. $30 CAD!!! That's ridiculous, yo! For $30, that nail polish better sing me a song, too!

All kidding aside, I've been patiently searching for a dupe for this gorgeous shade and I think I may have finally found it. Granted, I've never tried Chanel June, so I can't say for certain if it's similar enough. But, it's still the same colour I've been wanting to get for ages (and by ages, I mean months): a pastel, peach-melon type of shade.

Ladies and ladies, I introduce you all to Wellington Square, by Nails Inc. Nails Inc. has been available in North America close to a year, but I've only really remember seeing them in Canadian Sephoras this week. I'm not sure if it's only made its way to Canada now or if I'm just late to the game (the latter being the more likely of the two). Anyway, when I saw Wellington Square, I knew I had to have it. And at $11.50 CAD, it is more in line with how much I am willing to spend on nail polish.

Now, because I've become obsessed with using a sponge to apply nail polish, I've decided to use another shade (Maybelline Express Finish nail polish in Tulip Tango) to create a mottled effect that reminded me very much of a sunset. Tulip Tango is a gorgeous, pinky-coral shade that is absolutely perfect for summer; and at $5.99 CAD each, you can't really go wrong, can you?

And here is the finished, "Mottled Sunset" look. I love how subtly the two shades blend together; as opposed to my previous post, which had a more drastic colour change. I decided to do the mottled effect on only two nails (on both hands, of course), just because I can. <insert-emoticon-with-smug-smile-and-sunglasses>

Also, I used Butter London's Horse Power Nail Fertilizer as my base and Seche Vite as my top coat. Both of which make for a kick-ass manicure combo. But more on that in my April Favourites post...

Anyhoo, hope you guys like this rather simple NOTW/Nail Art-thingy! Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

What is your favourite peach/melon nail polish?

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